Can the spouses continue their lives in the world similarly in the hereafter?

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Can the spouses continue their lives in the world similarly in the hereafter?
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Man has thousands of feeling. Allah will give man tables that will satisfy all of those feelings in the hereafter. Therefore, Allah will satisfy each one of our feelings and faculties no matter if they are mental, emotional, related to the heart or the soul without ignoring any as long as we obey the limits imposed by Allah for those feelings in this world.

In the Quran, detailed information is given about the bounties of Paradise, and the consent and pleasure of Allah have been promised to man, who has a tendency toward all kinds of perfection and desires the highest level of it with great love. Paradise, which contains all spiritual and emotional bounties, also contains all of the bodily and material tastes. Eating, drinking and marriage are listed among the highest bounties of Paradise. According to the statements of the Quran and hadiths, the family lives that are set up in the world will continue in the hereafter and husband-wife relationship will go on forever in Paradise if both spouses deserve to go Paradise. However, the spouses that have no belief and that die as deniers will be separated from their spouses eternally and be punished in Hell for their denial forever even if they are they are the wives of Noah and Lot or the husband of Asiya (the Pharaoh).

God Almighty will purify the believing women that go to Paradise from all of their worldly faults and deficiencies by His mercy and power, and give them to their husbands as spotlessly clean. The world women who will be created more beautifully than houris will be eternal friends of their husbands and they will be sultans of the houris. They will enjoy Paradise forever with the people they love and without having any feeling of jealousy and rivalry. Believing men and women who die before getting married will be married in Paradise and there will be no unmarried people in Paradise.

It is possible to give the following short information about the issue asked in the question:

a. In general, the togetherness of each couple (husband-wife) will continue in Paradise. 

b. Women who die as single will be married to people they like.

c. A woman who married two or more men in the world will marry her first husband in Paradise – if she married other husbands as a result of the death of her first husband – but according to another view, she will marry her last husband. However, she can marry the one that she likes the most. (cf Alusi; Duhan, interpretation of the verse 44/54)

d. Everybody will be given what he/she wants in Paradise but if one spouse wants the other one but the other one does not want him/her, the one that wants will be married to a similar person (if there is consciousness or demand like that), and the one that does not want will be left free to choose whomever he/she wants.

- It should not be forgotten that there will be nothing saddening in Paradise. When a person marries someone, no matter whom, there will be no one more beautiful and beloved than his/her spouse for him. The sadnesses and aspirations in the world are not in question there. In other words, the aspirations and longings remaining from the world will be satisfied by reunion or nothing will be left from them as long as both couples go to Paradise. Therefore, it is necessary to compete in taqwa, that is, in obeying the orders and prohibitions of Allah, which is a prerequisite for going to Paradise.

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