Can man claim any rights from Allah?

The Answer

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9.1.9-Why did Allah create me like this?

Question: Why did Allah create me like this? Why did He do this like that?

In our age there are such objections and criticizing questions. These questions and similar can be answered as follows:

If you are not satisfied with your creation and the creation of the universe, if you do not like some of the things, leave your body and the property of Allah. If you can, leave the heavens and the earth, leave the universe and go to another place.1

How can one rebel against and challenge the pre-eternal and post-eternal Sultan, whose power is enough for everything, who holds the stars and suns with His hand of power and makes them obey Him? To Him belong the armies of the heavens and the earth. He makes the world and the other heavenly bodies turn seventy times faster than a cannonball. If he wants, he can use it and the other heavenly bodies like bullets and make them go out of their orbits.

One has no right to demand any rights from God Almighty because whatever He has given is out of His grace and generosity. Everything is His gift. On the contrary, man always owes him thanks. To Him belongs all property; He uses His property as He wishes. Moreover, man is also in His property and is His slave. How can poor and weak man, who is His slave and servant, who works in His property, who gets everything from Him as grace and grants, all of whose needs are met by Him, demand rights from Him? 

1.See ar-Rahman,33.

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