Is it possible to know Allah?

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a. Knowing Allah

Once, a firefly was proceeding on a path. However, it was unaware that the light that illuminated his path was reflected from it. After a while, it met some ants. When it saw the ants were looking at it with admiration, it looked into their eyes carefully and curiously. It realized that the light that illuminated its path was reflected from it. Ants admired his light. Thus, the firefly became aware of the light that illuminated its path.

Are we aware of the Creator who created us out of nothing, who put the whole universe under our order, and who fulfilled everything necessary for the continuation of our lives?

Who makes the world rotate, sends down rain from the sky, and make plants grow?

Who takes the night away and brings the day?

Who puts all our organs in their proper places in the mother’s womb, feeds us and makes us grow there?

Who brought us to the world, put the breasts on our mother’s chest and made white, pure milk flow for us?

Who makes our mouths and places teeth like pearls in the mouths?

Who makes our ears and opens our eyes?

Who makes our veins and makes blood circulate in them?

Who makes our hearts and makes them work like a clock for a lifetime?

Everyone knows that a line cannot drawn without a person who draws it, that a letter cannot be written without a scribe, and that a school cannot be managed without an administrator.

Thus, the wonderful creation and administration of all beings in the world shows that they have a creator infinite knowledge, will and power who creates and manages them. The following statement is very important since it clarifies the issue:

"Every village must have its headman; every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman. And, as you know, every letter must be written by someone. How, then, can it be that so extremely well-ordered a kingdom should have no ruler?”1

Everything in the universe, from an atom to the sun, from a fly to stars, indicates Allah through His meticulous and proportionate creation and perfect management. If there is a work, there will definitely be a master who makes and produces it.

Who Created?

God Almighty states the following in some verses related to knowing Allah:

Who is it that readies the skies and the earth as though they were two storehouses for your sustenance, and causes one to produce rain and the other, seeds? Is there anyone other than God Who could make them two subservient storekeepers? In which case, thanks should be offered to Him alone”.2

Man is in need of food. We need rain from the sky and cereals from the ground for the continuation of our lives. Man cannot make rain come down from the sky and cereals grow from the ground on his own.Therefore, we need a powerful being who knows our needs, shows mercy to us and pities us, who can make the earth and heaven fulfill all our needs. That being, who has infinite knowledge, will and power, is Allah.

Who Gave Man his Eyes and Ears?

Who is the owner of your eyes and ears, the most precious of your members? From which workbench or shop did you obtain them? It is only your Sustainer that could give you them. Yunus, 30.

Allah states the following in the Quran by attracting attention to the valuable organs like eyes and ears given to man:

Who is the owner of your eyes and ears, the most precious of your members? From which workbench or shop did you obtain them? It is only your Sustainer that could give you them. It is He Who creates and raises you, and gave you them. In which case, there is no Sustainer but He, and the only one fit to be worshipped is He.3

The being that has the most valuable organs and feelings is man. Even the mother who carries the baby in her womb does not know the creation of those organs in the womb and their placement. The one that affixes eyes, ears and nose to man in his mother’s womb and puts the stomach in place cannot be anyone except Allah, who knows that man’s seeing in the world, makes him hear, creates odors and prepares food. That is, the one who created vision and eye is the one who created the sun. The one who created sounds and hearing is the one who puts ear into its place. The one who created the apple as sustenance is the one who affixes the stomach to man.

That is to say, all of the organs in man are the work of Allah. Therefore, man is responsible for knowing Allah, who gives them to him.

Some interesting memoirs about knowing Allah

The young man who had a tattoo done on his arm

After a lecture an academician gave in a prison’s youth ward, a teenager raised his hand and asked,

- How can we believe in someone we do not see? The lecturer pointed to the tattoo on the young man’s arm who asked the question:

- Who made that tattoo and how much did you pay for it? The young man said he had it done for a certain amount of money. Thereupon, the academician asked him,

-All right, lad. Who made the arm on which had that tattoo done? The answer that young man gave was very interesting. He raised his hand:

- "Allah... I believe in him now.”

These two examples clearly show that no matter how much the mind denies Allah, the conscience cannot deny the existence of a Creator.

The young people who say, “How can we believe in Allah, whom we do not see?”

An academician narrates a memoir as follows:

“After graduating from the faculty, I worked as a teacher for several years. I taught chemistry in a high school in a lovely town in Eastern Anatolia. My relationship with the people of the town was warm. I was in good terms with everybody, from students to teachers, from administrators to parents and ordinary people of the town.

I had a very good relationship with my students. Encouraged by my closeness to them, they could easily talk to me about their problems.
In those years, there was terror and anarchy in our country. It was worse in the East than the other regions of the country. In my high school, there were several students who were bigger and even older than me. They were big, half-grown boys. Some groups that took advantage of their state filled the minds of our simple-hearted young men with harmful ideas and converted most of them into anarchists.

They stole the belief in the heart of those young people as well as several humane characteristics of them.

* * *

One of them was called Ziya. He was in his senior year and he was older than most of the students in his class. He was a well-built man. They had stolen many of his spiritual feelings, but his respect to teachers had not been completely lost yet.

One day, he shyly asked permission to ask something:

-Sir! I want to ask you something if you allow.

It was obvious that storms broke out in his inner world and his mind was confused. He was overwhelmed with the graveness of the problem in his mind. I understood the situation very well. In order to comfort him as much as I can and to make sure that he expresses the problem in his mind in a sincere way, I said clearly,

-Yes, of course, Ziya. I am here to answer your questions. I’m listening to you.

- But sir, my question is not about chemistry.

-It doesn’t matter. Ask your question sincerely and openly.

-Sir! They say‘We don’t believe in what we don’t see. We do not see Allah; so, how shall we believe in Him?’

I told him that such questions were quite normal, that many people have those questions in their mind and that it was a frequently asked question. Then, I said,

- Look Ziya! Not everything is visible; in other words, not everything is viewed with eyes. Some things are viewed with the tongue, ear, nose or mind.

These statements aroused an atmosphere of confusion in the classroom. What does to view by ear or tongue mean? Their questions were visible in their eyes. I continued:

For example, if I cook a nice meal and say “Ziya! Come taste this food” and if you say, “Sir, I don’t believe in what I don’t see it with my eyes, I will taste it with my eyes ”, and if you put your eyes into the food, your eyes will be burnt and you will be blind. So, the food is tasted with the tongue. Likewise, when I say, “Look at the smell of this perfume”, you can’t look at it with your eyes. When I say, “Look at the beauty of this music”, you look at it with your ear. You can also look at certain things with your mind. If there is a work of art here, you will understand that there is a master of that work. Thus, we see Allah with our minds.

Then, I turned toward the students and continued:

“-Friends, let’s deal with the issue together through the eyes of a scientist. Can a great work of art like Selimiye Mosque be without an architect? Is our body lower than this architectural structure? There are about 100 trillion cells in human body, which looks like a tremendous city. There is a network of blood vessels about 150,000 kilometers long, covering our entire body. The slightest breakdown in an organ can be the end of our lives. In addition to our inner world’s being wonderful, all essential organs in people are common but no man resembles another man. Our faces, voices, characters are different. Can we attribute those things to coincidence/chance?

Let us clarify the issue a bit more. As you know, the realm of living beings has a different place in the universe. The art wonders seen in the non-living beings are inferior to those seen in the living beings. The simplest living beings are bacteria. Among those bacteria, the one that scientists have researched most is Escherichia Coli bacterium. The weight of this living being, which can be seen under the microscope only after it is magnified tens of thousands of times is 500 billionth of a gram and its diameter is one hundredth of a centimeter.  5000 substances have been paced in such a tiny place. In addition, when each bacterium finds the appropriate environment, it uses water, ammonia and sugar as food and the number of substances increases to 10 thousand in 20 minutes by division. This event is something that a perfect chemist cannot even dream of. A chemist can perform only one reaction in one container. Besides, in an era in which science has progressed so much, it takes a very long time. However, 5,000 substances are synthesized in the same container as the Escherichia Coli bacterium in 20 minutes.

Since that is the case in the simplest living being, you can compare the events in other living beings to those of bacteria.

The issue can be viewed from another angle.

Do you think the human eye can see everything? Are our eyes limitless though everything is limited? Just as our ears can hear frequencies between 20 and 20,000, so too can our eyes can see the rays with wavelengths between 450 and 800 nanometers. We cannot see the rays with bigger and smaller wavelengths. Although X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, etc. exist, we cannot see them with our eyes. Should we deny their existence then?

We actually look at the universe through a keyhole. That is, the range of our vision is so narrow. After knowing that, is it not ridiculous to say, "I don’t believe what I don’t see."

Throughout the lesson, Ziya was absent-minded and torpid. It was understood that storms broke out in his inner world. He put his hands on his temples, thinking continuously. I let him alone to the end of the lesson.

* * *

3-4 days passed. One evening Ziya came to my house with a friend.

- Sir! can I come in?

- Yes, of course, Ziya. Our house is open to everyone. They sat down and I offered them some tea. Ziya started to talk while drinking tea:

- Sir, I came here for a purpose.

- I hope it is something good.

- Sir, I came here to become a Muslim. I was shocked and startled when I heard it:

- Are you all right, Ziya? You are already a Muslim.

- Sir. I had a lot of questions and doubts in my mind before you spoke. Some of the books I read and the people I met confused my mind completely. I was in a big depression. I thought for days after your talk and could not sleep many nights. However, I have made up my mind; I am a Muslim from now on. The most appropriate ideas for my mind and conscience are Islamic ideas. Living without a faith is no different than living like an animal.

The September 12 coup took my gun from me; you have come and removed the unbelief in my heart. I am grateful to you. Now, I have taken my first step toward humanity. May Allah be pleased with you.Yes, Ziya. The greatest truth in the universe is belief in Allah. Besides, the most astonishing thing is the denial of the Creator. Your decision has made me very happy. I hope you will not leave the path of the truth after that...

The Purpose of Man’s Being Sent to the World

The wisdom behind and purpose of man’s being sent to this world is to know, to believe in and to worship the Creator of the Universe. adh-Dhariyat, 56.

Man did not come to this world by himself; he was created and sent by Allah. The main purpose and duty of man’s being sent to this world is to know Allah truly, that is, to know Him correctly by His names and attributes. In other words, to believe that He is the creator of the whole universe, that everything from atoms to the stars is governed by His power and will, that everything is His property, and that there is no partner in His property, and to believe and approve by the heart the holy statement “La ilahaillallah (there is no god but Allah)” and its realities.

1.Nursi, B.S. Sözler. p. 63.
2.Yunus,verses 31-32.
3.Yunus,verses 30-31.

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