Question 68: In a conversation with an atheist, he said the blind spot in the eye was a deficiency of the creator’s design. I could not persuade him. I will be glad if you give a logical, convincing answer.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: First of all, a person who believes in creation has no duty of persuading someone who denies Allah. It is enough if one persuades his own soul. Accepting the issue of creation is a matter of belief. Belief is a light granted by Allah after an individual uses his partial free will. Many blind spots will surely be seen by the eyes of anyone deprived of this light and will prevent him from seeing Allah.

The following is stated in the Quran for such people:

They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. The world is a place of testing. A door is opened for the mind here; free will is not removed. A person must be free to accept Allah or not.

Allah has created any organ or organism in the best way that it can be. Since man’s knowledge is limited, he cannot show the structures of the organs in all aspects. Many organs that used to be deemed as unnecessary turned out to have many functions after some research. There are tens of examples like that.

Ask the one who is obsessed with the blind spot in the eye: Didtulips or daffodils give him a heart that functions, lungs that operate, a stomach that desires food, a mind that thinks and eyes that see when he was a single cell in his mother’s womb? Or, did frogs in the swamp give them to him? Or did her mother?

Will a person who cannot find Allah by looking at his own creation and denies Him be able to recognize and know Allah if the duties of the blind spot in the eye are shown? I donot think so. While all the beings in the universe show Allah, he seeks evidence for the non-existence of Allah based on his own mind.

The whole universe is like a large sophisticated machine or a computer. No matter how large your file is on the computer, a tiny virus outside your program can deactivate your file. That is, every point and letter of the file you use should be under your control. The whole universe is like a file of Allah. Even a character, that is, a letter or an atom, cannot be unattended in this realm. If they were, all beings would become messy and out of order; the universe file would not work.

You can look at that blind spot from this angle. It is Allah who places that blind spot there whether or not it has a function, makes the eye and gives the task of seeing to the eye. It is the duty of science to find and show what its duties are.

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