Question 12: It is written that a horn came out of the forehead of a woman. Can it be an evidence for the evolution of man?

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Answer: In fact, according to the thoughts of atheists who do not accept a creator, man came into being by chance. He has no creator. It is necessary to be surprised when a horn does not come out of the forehead of a person, not when it comes out.  If everything were the result of randomness and coincidence as the atheist evolutionists claim, what would prevent a person’s eye from coming out of the forehead like a cow’s eye and an ear from his back like a donkey’s ear?

However, it does not happen so. Each organ is both in the desired shape and structure, and in the most suitable place; and the structures of all people are similar. All of this shows Allah, who makes man from a cell, plans his organs in the best way and places them in the most appropriate place, as clearly as the sun shows the day.

It is as important to place the eye and ear in the necessary place as to create and operate the brain and other organs, and emotions so that they can perform their functions. Creating the eye is a separate art. Creating vision is yet another skill.

It is not a scientific idea, but an ideological approach, not to see all of these and to attribute the ancestor of human beings to other living beings based on an organ that emerges as a result of some abnormalities. It is not worth considering.

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