Is there a god spot in the brain?

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Scientists say that they have found an area called "god spot" in the brain and that his area increases spirituality.
- Is the feeling of belief that we experience a trick of the brain?
- Does belief not come from Allah?
- If it comes from Allah, why does Allah give non-Muslims belief and spiritual peace too?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

We see in the internet websites in which different translations and interpretations are made about whether there is a "god spot" somewhere in the brain or not. The main point of those different writings is as follows:

“A neuropsychological area that forms the basis of religious feelings has been found in the brain of people by scientists conducting research on the subject. This area is spread all over the brain. Religious feelings and spirituality are related to the interconnection of a very complex structure. When these feelings unite, they enable people to have experiences about spirituality.”

As it can be understood from the statements of some of the researchers in question, a remarkable point is that those religious centers generally reflect religious feelings rather than a particular religion. For example, as a result of this sense of religion, some reinforce their religious thoughts about Buddhism, some about Judaism and some about Islam. In fact, this feeling emerges as a “thought of being connected with the universe” for atheists.

We regard it useful to deal with a few points about the issue:

a. As far as it has been conveyed to us, according to the information put forward by these studies, the feelings that perform the religious function that is stated to have been found in the brain, or the centers of these feelings, are not a factor that forces people toward a certain religion. On the contrary, - within the framework of a feeling of religion and a reality of religiousness that is the center of attention for people based on those feelings – a door is opened for the mind; the free will and the right to choose are not removed. He who wishes will use his mind to investigate where he can find Allah’s attributes correctly and proclaim his faith accordingly.  

“Say, "The truth is from your Lord": Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it).” (al-Kahf, 18/29)

Therefore, it should be evaluated as an evidence for the scene of freedom expressed in the verse above.

b. It is possible to solve the problem “Is the feeling of belief that we experience a trick of the brain?” expressed in the question as follows: Based on thousands of experiences or obvious realities, hundreds of branches of exact sciences witness that all of the material and spiritual feelings and organs that exist in the creation of man serve a purpose, undertake an important task, perform functions for the healthy functioning of the body and spiritual structure of man. For example, it is seen by the eye and heard by the ear that the eye is suitable for seeing and the ear is suitable for hearing. It is also seen that the feelings of laughing and crying have the necessary nature to laugh and cry appropriately – as a way of reflecting the joy and sadness of a person to the outside.  

To sum up, today's scientific developments, especially the science of anatomy, acknowledge that even a single cell in man is not created unnecessarily.

In that case, we can easily state the following: Nature/creation does not lie. Nature/creation does not deceive. Nature/creation has an extraordinary multi-purpose background that cannot be attributed to chance.

As it can be understood from the determination above and similar ones, no one but Allah, who is the creator of everything and who has eternal knowledge, wisdom and power, can own the human nature/creation including the brain

To sum up, the skill of seeing of the eye is not a trick; the witnessing of the brain in favor of the existence of belief is not a trick either.  

Besides, the desire for eternity, which Allah placed in man’s heart and spirit, is the greatest evidence of the hereafter, and the eternal life. It is a rule that man wants something that exists; he does not want what does not exist. If the hereafter did not exist, this desire of man would be in vain. “If He had not wanted to give, He would not have given wanting.” Man’s superiority and his endless ability would be of no use. For, man, who is the most perfect fruit of the universe and the most comprehensive being in terms of ability, was created for eternity and will go to eternity. (see Nursi, Sözler, p. 522)

c. The scientific data of those studies necessitate belief in the Quran and hadiths.

- For, the religion of Islam is described as the “religion of nature/creation”. It means the nature of man is in a structure that can accept the religion of Islam and live accordingly.

One of the verses regarding the issue is as follows:

“So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: (establish) Allah´s handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the standard Religion: but most among mankind understand not.” (ar-Rum, 30/30)

- The Prophet (pbuh) states the following:

"Every child is born with a true faith of Islam but his parents convert him to Christianity, Judaism, or Zoroastrianism." (Bukhari, Janaiz 92; Abuû Dawud, Sunnah 17; Tirmidhi, Qadar 5)

Yes, every child is born with a true faith of Islam; however, external effects such as parents, friends, neighborhood, society and school, along with willpower, which will evaluate them in favor of or against itself, will intervene in the child’s nature in a positive or negative way.

However, these correct codes in man’s nature do not show a compulsory direction - in order to make the test fair. On the contrary, it can be changed to different formats depending on the free will of man.

Limpid, pure and clear spring water is clean in terms of its main source and nature, and it can assume the most beneficial and healing state. – Or, it can be smeared by dust and soil and be changed to another state.

Likewise, a new born child is ready to accept the truth based on the laws of creation and the universe, and to reject dirty things and aberration. Therefore, no matter what you tell the children aged between 5 and 15, they immediately record it in their minds and place it in their hearts in the name of belief and Islam. For instance, when you say, “every village must have its headman; every needle must have its manufacturer and craftsman. Therefore, this huge universe cannot exist without an owner; its owner is Allah”, the receiver facing you is so clean and is so ready to receive such messages that it records your message without any interference.

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