Do we have the right to rebel against Allah’s preference?

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9.1.8- Rebellion against Allah’s preference?

1) It is the preference and decision of God Almighty to create man in a certain place and time, as a member of a certain race, with a certain gender, character and characteristics.

“Why was I born here, not in that city and town?

Why are my parents not such and such people?

Why did Allah create me as a member of this race, not that race?

Why am I dark-skinned, not light-skinned?

Why did He create my eyes blue, not black?

Why did He create me as a man or a woman?

Why did He not make my height shorter or longer?”

The questions above and similar ones can be considered reasonable only when they are asked to understand the wisdom behind them. Otherwise, they mean to question Allah, to rebel against Him and even to challenge Him. This means not to show consent to compulsory qadar1 and not to surrender. What generally underlies such questions is not to show consent to Allah’s preference and decision, to criticize Him and to accuse Him of oppression and injustice. 

Allah’s divine predestination, choice, and will exist in the creation of the universe and in everything. For example, Allah created the sun as a lamp with a certain size, a certain system and certain functions. Can we ask Him the following questions by assuming an attitude that questions, judges and dislikes Him?

“Why did Allah not create the sun as a rectangle?

Why did He not create the sun bigger or smaller?

Why is one day not sixty hours?

Why are there four seasons, not five?

Why does another sun to illuminate the world not exist?”

Such questions can be asked about any issue and any creature. However, they are useless.Those who ask those questions can be given the following answers:

 “Make a rectangular sun to heat us if you do not like its shape. 

Come on! Make a make a bigger or smaller sun.

 If you can do it, increase the number of seasons.

 Come on! Make a day 60 hours…”

Man is definitely weak, very needy and poor. It is clear that we cannot make a lamp and stove like the sun, which Allah hung above us as a miracle. We cannot afford to meet its expenses even for one second. However, man can sometimes resort to ways like challenging, opposing, criticizing and questioning God Almighty, who has infinite knowledge and will, with the cooperation and help of human devils and jinn and his soul and by transgressing his limits.

In fact, there is no difference between the question “Why did He create the sun like this?” and “Why did He create me like this?

2) The requirement of divinity is to do and create as He wishes. As it is stated in a verse, God Almighty is “Fa’alun lima yurid = Doer (without let) of all that He intends”. He does whatever he wants and does not account for anything to any creature and man.

He is wise; He creates His creatures in a wise way and properly. In fact, there is no defect, error or deficiency in His creations. For this reason, the following is stated regarding the issue: “laysa fil-imkanabda’umimmakan”. That is, there is nothing more beautiful than what is created in the universe.

O ignorant and weak man! Did Allah appoint you as an engineer, witness and critic for what He created? Who are you to challenge him? Nobody has the right to complain about God Almighty because there are countless wisdoms behind the creation of the world. Those wisdoms and purposes might not comply with the desires and wishes of some weak people. If those people were to be pleased, thousands of wisdoms would object to it. A thousand wisdom cannot be opposed to please a person. As a matter of fact, a verse of the Quran explains this fact as follows:

“If the Truth had been in accord with their desires, truly the heavens and the earth, and all beings therein would have been in confusion and corruption.”

Allah does not change the system and order of the universe according to the pleasures of people. Otherwise, the order in the universe will disappear.

Allah did not appoint the small desires of the objecting man as an engineer to the creation of the universe, functioning of its laws and its order. By exceeding his limits, man makes his inadequate mind a criterion and checkpoint for the affairs of Allah. He regards Allah’s help and blessings asbad deeds and misfortunes. He dares to intervene in the universe, which was created by infinite knowledge and power and which functions regularly, in order to satisfy his wishes and to calm his desires, without thinking of his weakness.

1.Things like that are also called “QadarIdtirari”.

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