am i facing the troubles because of the evel eye effect?

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i was really greatefull to allah.because he fullfilled all my wishes about the good results in my education,a happy life with my loved one and my parents,health and beauty .but all of sudden things were result was really bad though i studied a lot,had a bad relation with my parents. my health broke out, dad lost his money in business,mom became ill,and my spouce faced the worst problem of all which effected can i help myself and my loved ones to gain our old happy life back?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If you can do something to ameliorate the situation, do it. If you cannot do anything, you can pray. You can pray by opening your hands and uttering the words that you feel especially after the morning prayer. We hope your sincere prayers will be answered and you will return to your previous happy days.   

You should not associate it with evil eyes. The effect of the evil eye is possible. However, you cannot say that it is definite. Besides, Allah tests a person through both abundance and trouble. Those who show patience are given the glad tidings of Paradise. If you show patience and pray, we hope that the misfortune will disappear sooner.

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