Chapter 16: The Proof of Cause and Effect

Chapter 16 - The Proof of Cause and Effect

If you see a child pulling a train with one arm, you will immediately say, “The one pulling this train cannot be the child because the child does not have the necessary strength to do it. In that case, there must be some other strength that I cannot see and this child is only a curtain of that strength…” The thing that causes you to think like that is the imbalance between the cause and effect. The child in this example is the cause and his/her pulling the train is the effect. The cause is very weak and ineffectual and since the effect requires a very great strength for it to occur, it dismisses this cause from the role of the doer and proves the presence of another agent. Even if you do not see the possessor of this strength, you will not doubt its presence because its performance is right before your eyes. Are there not more fascinating works that take place in this universe?

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