Reading Passage: The Voice heard while in a Coma

I was taken to hospital as a result of a traffic accident I had in 1989; I was in a coma. My spouse, who was near me, died and the doctor who examined me wrote a report stating that I was dead since he did not see any signs of life in my body.  In the news bulletin of TRT that night, my name was among those who died in the accident.

Then, they understood that I was not dead; I came round after remaining in a coma for three days. However, due to the effects of the impacts in the accident, I could not open my eyes and I could not move any parts of my body. I could not think much because of the effect of the anesthetics in the serum injected to my arm. I was exactly like a living dead person. At first, I thought I was in a deep sleep: a sleep that I was never able to wake up from. Meanwhile, I heard the conversation taking place near my bedside.

My uncle (I recognized his voice) said:

– Doctor! There has been no progress for three days. We want to take our patient to Ankara if you permit. 

The doctor answered:

– Your patient can die any moment. It will be a murder to permit his transport. I cannot accept a responsibility like that.

When I heard that conversation, I realized that I had a big accident and I was terrified by the sentence of the doctor; “He can die any moment.” However, I could feel that I had lost all of my faculties except hearing and thinking. I was afraid not being able to pass the reckoning rather than dying and I was panting as if my throat was being squeezed. 

I thought I was dying when I heard a voice out of nowhere; it started to talk to me. It asked me why I was afraid so much. When I told him why, the same voice said:

– There is nothing to be afraid of. You are undergoing so much trouble because you were made believe groundless and superstitious things. There is nothing like Allah and the hereafter; there is no trouble about them. I will prove you that they are nonsense. If you approve me, you will see that you will not have any troubles or anxiety.

Since I felt myself like being under a mountain that fell upon me, I said:

– All right, tell me quickly and relieve me of this trouble.

The voice said:

– You know that seeds become seedlings first and then trees. Then, they start to die, dry and decay in the soil. Animals are born, grow up, develop and die like us and then they become soil. Have you ever heard those trees or animals fear or become worried like you? Of, course not, because they were not made believe in superstitious things. That is, since there is no reviving and reckoning, they do not have worries about those things. If you remove those nonsense things from your mind, you will have no troubles and you will feel relieved.     

After I heard those words, my troubles increased. I thought, “will I be relieved, if I deny them as that voice said?”; however, I could feel that my heart, my spirit and my other faculties did not want to deny. 

Suddenly, my mind began to be illuminated as if someone switched on a light. The issues that I had read and listened to about belief before started to flash before my eyes. I addressed that voice:

– You want to deceive me with lies and the gift of the gab. However, I have a mind and I am responsible for what I do. How can you consider me to be equal to mindless animals and unconscious plants? I will certainly fear reckoning because if I use the organs that were given to me and that are maybe one thousand time more developed than those of the animals and plants, and the bounty of the mind  to meet the needs of my soul and my desires, I will deserve punishment in the hereafter and fall into a level one thousand time lower than those of the animals and plants. Since a pin cannot be without a maker, a painting without a painter and a village without a headman, can that perfect universe be without an owner and a creator? And will my Lord, who created me in a perfect form along with the universe, give me free rein and not question me? 

Yes, the lights of belief came to my rescue in my hardest time and started to illuminate the dark world I was in. As I told that voice the truths of belief that I acquired from them, I felt that my troubles and pains started to be relieved. After a while, that voice kept completely silent and could not answer back.

Then, I came round and according to what my friends told me I heard the adhan (call to prayer) outside and wanted to pray.

The reason why I am writing this letter to you and narrating the hair-raising event that I experienced is that I want to express how much we need the truths of belief. It is necessary to go to the grave with belief in the last breath and to turn the grave to a garden of the gardens of Paradise with it

All of our believing brothers know that the devil pesters people in their deathbeds and tries to delude their minds in order to make them deny Allah and therefore it is necessary to have a strong belief. However, I experienced an exemplary event before death with the permission of Allah and I regarded it as a duty to inform all of the believers about that event through Zafer Magazine.

(Niyazi YILDIRIM, Zafer Magazine, issue 195)

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