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salaam, Just wanted to ask, if you have had an alcoholic drink during ramzaan, can you still fast? if not how long do you have to wait? i have heard its 40days but also heard its 72 hours before you can fast again so i wanted to make sure. Are any fasts you keep after kabool? i look forward to your reply. w.salaam
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The fast starts at the first thread of light at dawn (between 1.5 and 2 hours before sunrise, depending on the time of year), and maintained until sunset (the beginning of night). Eating or drinking something during this time invalidates the fast. But one who drinks alcohol  (even drinking alcohol is haram) in the other time of the day (in between the beginning of the night and the first thread of light at down) can fast. Drinking alcohol  during the time specified above is not an obstacle for fasting.

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