Breaking the fast w/o excuse or not making the intention to fast from the night before.

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Salaams. I`m 19 years old & from previous years, I have a lot of fasts that I broke either intentionally after making the intention to fast, or I did not wake up for fajr and make the intention from the night before. I did these acts without knowing the real consequences and the punishments for breaking fasts. If I had known the actual consequences I would not have broken my fasts. What should I do to show Allah that I am ashamed and will never break my fasts again without reasonable excuse?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In that case, you must perform kaffarah (60 days for 1 day) fasting. In addition, you must calculate and perform qada (1 day for 1 day) fasting for all of the days that you did not fast. If you do not know how many days you missed, you can estimate. 

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