What is the penalty in the hereafter for a person who does not perform fasting in Ramadan without any excuse?

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What is the penalty in the hereafter for a person who does not perform fasting in Ramadan without any excuse? WHAT IS THE PENALTY IN THE HEREAFTER FOR A PERSON WHO DOES NOT PERFORM FASTING IN RAMADAN?

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Performing fasting is one of the conditions of being a Muslim. A person who accepts Islam and who regards himself as a Muslim by saying, "Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim" has to perform fasting in Ramadan and keep his promise to Allah.

The word Muslim is derived from the verb "to surrender/to be safe and secure". A Muslim who surrenders himself wholly to the Owner of the skies and the earth needs to give importance to the worshipping of fasting as soon as Ramadan starts and fulfill his servitude. To do the opposite, to ignore fasting in Ramadan though he is healthy deprives this person of the abundance and spiritual rewards of Ramadan. However, the real loss is that the fasting that is skipped cannot be compensated by anything. The Prophet (pbuh) states the following regarding the issue:

"If a person skips fasting one day in Ramadan without any excuse and without being ill, he cannot compensate for it even if he fasts for the whole year." (at-Targhib wat' -Tarhib, 2:452)

A person who breaks his fast during the day without any excuse performs fasting for sixty days after Ramadan to compensate for it but he cannot get the reward for the fasting that he broke. He cannot get the same virtue. For, the reward of a deed of worshipping performed in time cannot be obtained when it is performed later as qada.

There is also an otherworldly aspect of the issue. That is, penalty in the hereafter is in question. The Prophet (pbuh) narrates the penalty of not fasting in the hereafter as follows:

"While I was sleeping, two men came; they held my arms and took me to a mountain which was very hard to climb. They said to me, 'Climb the mountain.'

I said, 'I cannot climb.' They said, 'We will make it easy for you.' Thereupon, I started to climb. In the middle of the mountain, I heard some loud voices.

I said, 'What are those voices?' They said, 'They are the screams of the people of Hell.'

We went on climbing. I saw some people whose cheeks were ripped, blood coming out of those rips. Their feet were tied. I asked, 'Who are they?' They said, "They are the ones who broke their fasting early (who did not perform fasting). (at-Targhib wat' -Tarhib, 2:453)

It is necessary not to ignore fasting, which has hundreds of material and spiritual benefits, and to take pleasure of servitude so as not to undergo these losses and to avoid penalties.

The fasting of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi: The Mother Fasting acted kindly and rejoined her children. My child! Do not miss the opportunity! Hold your Mother Fasting firmly! Do not let her go! Suck her milk of grace! Dwell where she dwells! Sit at the door of fasting! Look at the desert of consent and watch the spring of Allah! Watch His Paradise full of daffodils of fasting! O bud! You are too weak. You have not flourished yet. Jump like the spring acrobat dancing on the rope and pass through the hoop of fasting! O rose! You are in blood. Then, why are you so happy and laughing?

Or are you the Ishaq of Khalil since you like the dagger of fasting? Why are you in love with bread? Watch the world that rejuvenates in the season of spring! Buy the wheat of soul in the threshing of fasting!

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