After Doomsday, will the universe, planets, stars, atoms exist as they are today?

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You write the following in one of your articles: “One day the earth will be changed to a different earth, and so will be the heavens.” (Ibrahim, 14/48) According to the verse, all these realms of the earth and the sky will change in terms of existence or quality on the Day of Judgment and will take on a different nature.
- What I wonder is this: They will change in terms of existence or quality after Doomsday but will the universe (planets, stars, atoms, etc.) exist in their current form?
- I heard that Badiuzzaman Said Nursi had an explanation about it: As far as I understand, the universe and its contents will exist as they are today, and if we want to see them as they are, we will be able to see them as if we were watching TV. I do not know how true what I have heard is.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Planets and stars are already within the scope of the concept of “sky”. The sky consists of them. The change of the sky means the change of all of them and being made suitable for the realms of eternity.

- Since the smallest part of every being is called an “atom”, no matter what things change, they also have atoms, which are the smallest particles. However, the land of the hereafter is very different from the land of this world. Therefore, it will be wrong to compare everything with this world.

- It is necessary to understand the relevant statements of Nursi in the sense of reviving the memories of the world. We learn from the Quran that everything people desire exists in Paradise. (see Fussilat, 41/31, az-Zukhruf, 43/71)

The statement of Nursi regarding the issue is as follows:

“...You will understand, too, that all of these transient objects have not been created for the sake of annihilation, in order to appear briefly and then vanish. The purpose for their creation is rather briefly to be assembled in existence and acquire the desired form, so that these may be noted, their images preserved, their meanings known, and their results recorded. This is so that, for example, everlasting spectacles might be wrought for the people of eternity, and that they might serve other purposes in the realm of eternity.” (see Sözler, p. 76)

“For example, the people of Paradise will surely wish to recall their adventures in this world and recount them to one another. They will be exceedingly curious to see the images and pictures of those adventures, and they will enjoy it immensely if they can watch them like watching a cinema screen. Consequently, as the verse, عَلَى سُرُرٍ مُتَقَابِلِينَ Joyfully facing each other on thrones of dignity and the verse (The righteous (will be) amid gardens and fountains (of clear-flowing water). Their greeting will be: ‘Enter ye here in peace and security’ indicate, in Paradise, the realm of delight and happiness, worldly adventures and scenes of worldly happenings will be recalled, amid everlasting panoramas. Thus, the beautiful beings of this world appearing for a moment then disappearing, and following on one after the other in succession, appear to be factories and workshops manufacturing the vistas of eternity.” (See Mektubat, Yirmi Dördüncü Mektup, İkinci Makam, p. 294)

May our Lord make us one of those who watch those beautiful scenes in those everlasting places! Amin.

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