Will our personality not develop in Paradise?

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- Man is curious, searches and thinks as a necessity of his nature. We are always in quest of something. Will they end in Paradise?
- Will we be robots that do not think at all and that have attained their Lord?
- Man feels well and satisfied when he learns something new. He starts to think. Is there not secrecy in the world all the time? A tiny bee does not speak to say, “Allah exists” but we naturally understand that it has a creator.
- Will those quests end in Paradise? Will we not learn new things? Will our personalities and mindsets not change? How will life be there?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

- There is nothing that will cause distress and boredom in Paradise.

- Our knowledge, which is like a seed here, will sprout and become saplings there. None of the foods that are repeated so many times every day, in all occasions and in material fields will resemble one another - so that the taste received from renewal and refreshing will increase -; similarly, renewal and fresh knowledge are in question in spiritual fields like science, knowledge and wisdom, especially in knowledge of Allah (marifatullah), which expresses eternity.

New observations emerging from tasbih (glorification), tahmid (praising), takbir (extolling) and tahlil (oneness) will add new tastes to the mental and hearty tastes of man coming from the table of science and knowledge.  

Thus, material and spiritual blessings will continue by increasing in the realm of Paradise.

- In addition, Paradise is a very beautiful and nice land that deserves eternity, eternal life and tastes that we cannot understand with our present minds.   

As Badiuzzaman Said Nursi puts it,  

“Everybody will benefit from Paradise and eternity through his senses and feelings according to the degree of development they have reached.” (Lem'alar, p. 156)

“For example, the people of Paradise will surely wish to recall their adventures in this world and recount them to one another. They will be exceedingly curious to see the images and pictures of those adventures, and they will enjoy it immensely if they can watch them like watching a cinema screen. Consequently, as the verse,

Joyfully facing each other on thrones of dignity (15:47; 37:44) indicates, in Paradise, the realm of delight and happiness, worldly adventures and scenes of worldly happenings will be recalled, amid everlasting panoramas.” (see Mektubat, Yirmi Dördüncü Mektup, İkinci Makam, p. 294)

That is, there are so many tasteful and enjoyable things in Paradise that no eyes have seen them, no ears have heard them and nobody has imagined them. (see Bukhari, Bad'ul-Khalq 8; Muslim, Jannah 2)

“To sum up, man was created for eternity. Therefore, he can enjoy real tastes only in eternal affairs marifatullah (knowledge of Allah), muhabbatullah (love of Allah), ilm (knowledge).” (İşaratü'l-İ'caz, p. 146)

It means the elements that flow toward eternity and produce tastes and flavor are knowledge of Allah, love of Allah and knowledge. They always continue by increasing.

The guarantee of the realities we have indicated for man are given in the following verses:

“Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.(al-Baqara, 2/112)

“But those who believe and work righteousness,- no burden do We place on any soul, but that which it can bear,- they will be Companions of the Garden, therein to dwell (for ever).

And We shall remove from their hearts any lurking sense of injury;- beneath them will be rivers flowing;- and they shall say: "Praise be to Allah, who hath guided us to this (felicity): never could we have found guidance, had it not been for the guidance of Allah. indeed it was the truth, that the apostles of our Lord brought unto us." And they shall hear the cry: ‘Behold! the garden before you! Ye have been made its inheritors, for your deeds (of righteousness)’." (al-A'raf, 7/42-43)

“Allah will say, ‘My devotees! no fear shall be on you that Day, nor shall ye grieve.’ (Being) those who have believed in Our Signs and bowed (their wills to Ours) in Islam. Enter ye the Garden, ye and your wives, in (beauty and) rejoicing. To them will be passed round, dishes and goblets of gold: there will be there all that the souls could desire, all that their ayes could delight in: and ye shall abide therein (for eye).” (az-Zukhruf, 43/68-71)

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