When did history of human kind begin?

The recent population of the world indicates such an idea. If the first man had been created fifteen thousand years ago, and if the average lifetime of a man is considered as seventy throughout the centuries, the population of the world should be one trillion as of today. Unlike the theories, which spell, hundreds of thousand years it should be less than fifteen thousand.

This much information is not sufficient for some, we should also accept that our ancestors had 600-1000 year probable lifetime. When we trace back, we see that population of the world was 250 million in the era of Hazrath Jesus (pbuh) (Miller, C.Taylor. Living in the environment California, USA, 1975)It is also accepted that epidemics such as plague and deaths result of wars only correspond to 15% to whole world population. In this case, the argument that human life had started hundred thousand years ago loses its validity. Only the rate of population growth predicates that human history could not be more than ten thousand years.

The current method which is used for the history calculations are insufficient. The most reliable source (authority) should be the heralds of Quran and Hadiths. Besides the tangible results of science and realities of Quran always agree, never will it contradict with each other. Because universe and Quran are the two separate books of Allah. Just so, it is understood and interpreted right. Sometimes fallacies arise because of insufficient interpretations.

Our Prophet states that I came in the mid-afternoon, in another hadith he states My community will not survive more than fifteen hundred years When we consider mid-afternoon as one fifth or one forth of the day; fifteen hundred years corresponds to the time between mid-afternoon and evening, so to say lifetime of humanity would be 6000-7500 years.
Another famous narration of a hadith clearly states The life time of humanity between Hazrath Adam to Judgment day is 7000 thousand years.
As it is seen, these two hadiths clearly confirm its authenticity.

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