Is Prophet Muhammad (SAW) alive in his grave?

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The Sunni scholar Thair-ul-qadri says that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is alive in his grave, he is present (hazir nazir) every where, he knows every thing what is going on in the world, he is made up of light (noor). What did Tahir-ul-qadri say is right or not please explain in the light of Quran and hadith and can we call Tahir-ul-qadri MUSHRIK?
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As it is known, any subject may be commented diffirently. As a pricipal we do not make any comment about individuals, especially those we do not know much about.

The view that our Prophet (pbuh) is alive in his grave is also the view of many Sunni scholars. Actually every person is alive in their grave, which is to say in the barzah (intermediate; the state of the soul after death and before the final judgment). Because the dying is only body, the soul is eternal and with Allah’s making it eternal it is eternal.

According to the hadith that Hazrath Enes narrated, Our Prophet (pbuh) when coming round Kudus (Jarusalem), He stopped at Hazrath Moses’ grave and saw him praying. (see Muslim, Fadâil, 42- hadith no 164). In that hadith it is stated that Hazrath Moses is alive in his grave after thousands years. The intention from grave is barzah realm (intermediate realm). As a matter of fact, Our Prophet (pbuh) when going up to heaven, He had seen Hazrath Abraham, Hazrath Moses and Hazrath Isa (Jesus) praying and He had served them as an imam. (See Muslim, Iman, 75; hadith No: 277; Nevevî, the explanation of the concerned hadith).

According to another hadith narration of Hazrath Enes, Our Prophet (pbuh) said that prophets are alive in their graves and praying there. Hafiz al- Haysami pointed that this hadith is sound (see Macmau’z-Zavaid, 8/211).

It is wrong to say “Our Prophet (pbuh) is present everywhere.” Because these attributes are belonging to Allah. Prophets or saint’s seeing something only can be with the permission and telling of Allah.

The subject that Our Prophet is made up light is clear. If the aim is to say that his body had been made up by light, it is clearly wrong. Because it is among the facts that his being created is like other people. But if the aim is to refer to the hadith “Allah firstly created my noor (light).” (Aclunî, 1/265), we can not say anything to that. May Allah not astray us from straight way, amin!

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