What is Compulsory and Voluntary Destiny?

Destiny is divided into two as compulsory and voluntary:

Compulsory destiny is the divine destiny that does not depend on human will. Issues like who a person’s father and mother will be, in which century a person will be born, whether a person will be male or female are examples of compulsory destiny. It is meaningless to ask questions about this aspect of destiny. These kinds of questions will not cease. A person who asks why he was born in the 21st century would ask the same question if he were born in any other century. Man is not responsible for this destiny. They all happen out of the reach of his will. This determination and condition depends solely on Allah’s knowledge and will.

Voluntary destiny is related to the actions that a person does using his own partial free will and wish. Their occurrence depends on the partial free will of man. What man is responsible for is that kind of destiny which depends on his own wishes and desires. For instance, Allah determined as a general rule that a student would pass when he studied and realized the necessary conditions to pass the class and that a student would fail the class when he didn’t realize the necessary conditions. If a student studies and passes the class, the determination of Allah will be in this way.

It is necessary to remind something here. We use our partial free will. However, what is important is the divine will. We will do our best. If Allah wills, he makes us successful; if he doesn’t, he won’t. Therefore we cannot say, “I worked, I must definitely succeed. It is Allah who will make us successful. For instance, we water our garden. If we don’t, we will cause it to dry. It will be our responsibility. However, when we water it, we carry out our duty. If Allah wishes, He will grow it; if He wishes, He will decay it. If he grows it, we will thank Him for his grant. If he doesn’t, we will look for a manifestation of mercy, we won’t disobey him. Studying is like that. If we study and pass the exam, we will thank Allah. If we fail, we will show patience.

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