What are the names of God, which are derived from their verbal nouns? Could you give examples?

Some of Gods names are actual acts. That means each name derived from its verbal noun such as the Fashioner (Al-Musawwir), the All-Knowing (Al-Aleem), the Able (Al-Qaadir), the All-Hearing (As-Samee), the All-Seeing (Al-Baseer), and so on. However, some are not. The name Al-Waheed, for instance refers Oneness of God and it is not derived from any verbal noun.

Gods acts are infinite. Some of those acts are creation (Halq), arrangement, (Tanzeem), giving perfection (Taqmeel), giving heavenly light (Tanweer), giving sustenance (Tarzeeq), making you die (Imata), giving life (Ihya), resurrect the death (Bas), giving livelihood (In am)

If I may use this expression, these general acts have sub branches. When these are checked, it is easier to comprehend the infinity of Gods divine acts. For instance, disciplining (to act in compliance with Gods orders) is an act of one, but it has countless numbers of sub branches. From disciplining of the universe to the disciplining of the heaven, earth, humans, ears, mouth, stomach, red blood cells, bacteria, and microbes, there are so many disciplining methods.

This could be applied to all other acts.

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