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My three year old son has met with an small accident and was admitted to hospital a few times for severe flu and other bronchal problems quite often. Several people have suggested that I offer a black sheep in sadaqa to a madrasa or other charitable societies/people. How sound is this advice? While I am always willing to do charity, black sheep and chanting the boyś name while giving away to the poor seem a little awkward from Islam´s point of view. Thoughts?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Sadaka or offering are good deeds, but not obligatory acts. They are just worship, pray and supplication to Allah Almighty. Allah is the True Healer alone. Sadaka should be offered just for the sake of Allah. Our intention should be like this in any case.

Furthermore, since man is subject to endless tribulations and afflicted with innumerable enemies despite his boundless impotence, and suffers from endless needs and has innumerable desires despite his boundless poverty, after belief, his fundamental innate duty is supplication. As for supplication, it is the basis of worship of God and servitude to Him. In order to secure a desire or wish he cannot obtain, a child will either cry or ask for it, that is, he will supplicate through the tongue of his impotence either actively or verbally, and will be successful in securing it. In the same way, man is like a delicate, petted child in the world of all living creatures. He has to either weep at the Court of the Most Merciful and Compassionate One through his weakness and impotence, or supplicate through his poverty and need, so that the things he wants may be made subject to him, or he may offer thanks for their being made so. Otherwise like a silly child who creates a fuss over a fly, saying: "With my own strength I subjugate things it is not possible to subjugate and things a thousand times more powerful, and I make them obey me through my own ideas and measures," he displays ingratitude for the bounties. And just as this is contrary to man's innate nature, so too he makes himself deserving of severe punishment.

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