Ash-Shakur (The Rewarder of Thankfulness)

Shakur means the one who gives a lot in return for little work, who grants endlessly in return for little worship and who gives unlimited rewards in return for a little obedience. This name is a name that expresses the generosity of our Lord.  

In Arabic, Shakur is a noun derived from the verb شَكَرَ (shakara); it is an active noun (doer) indicating exaggeration. This kind of noun shows that the doer does that deed a lot. Another active noun derived from the verb شَكَرَ (shakara) is "Shakir". Shakir is also a name of Allah like Shakur. The difference between the two names is as follows: Shakir indicates that He gives ten or one hundred in return for one. Shakur indicates that He gives seven hundred, one hundred thousand or one million in return for one; endless rewards in return for very few deeds.

We also want to draw your attention to the following point: The names of both Shakir and Shakur are also used for men. When someone says, "Ahmad is Shakir", it is understood that Ahmad is a person who thanks (Allah). When someone says, "Ahmad is Shakur", it is understood that Ahmad is a person who thanks (Allah) a lot.

When these names are used for a person they mean “the one who thanks and thanks a lot"; when they are used for Allah Almighty, they mean “the one who gives a lot in return for little things, who grants endlessly in return for few deeds.”

Yes, Allah Almighty is Shakur. He grants eternal Paradise in return for few deeds. He grants high degrees in return for a little obedience. He forgives all of the sins of a person when he repents sincerely. Along with forgiving his sins, He transforms them into rewards (thawabs). He sometimes grants Paradise of Firdaws (the highest level of Paradise) to a person in return for a single date he gives to a poor person sincerely.

We can understand how Shakur Allah Almighty is through the following example:

We want you to find the answer to the following question: What is the worldly equivalent of the worship we perform for Allah in the eye of businessmen? Try to calculate the following: How much do we worship Allah in a day or throughout our lives? What is the burden this worship puts on us? If we tried to sell this work (time spent for worship) in the world, how much would a businessman pay us?  

For instance, think of a person who performs five daily prayers. Performing five daily prayers a day takes about an hour. It is very easy worship for the body. Calculate the time spent for prayer in the life of a person and its burden on the body. Get the result and go to the market of the world and ask a businessman, "How much would you give me in return for my work?"

The price you would get for your work would probably be a sarcastic smile. A businessman would not think that what you did deserves a price. He would say, “Is this what you call your work? You would only get a smile in return for your efforts. If we acted a bit more generously, we would treat you a cup of tea. Those who work 10 times as much as you do earn their living here. You would not be accepted to work here with what you do let alone getting a salary." 

Yes, this is the reality. If we put together all of our prayers and worship for Allah, they would not even give us a house with four walls in this world in return for our work.

However, Allah Almighty is Shakur. He gives great rewards for a little worship. He gives us Paradise and endless bliss in return for our deeds, which are worth almost nothing in the world. This is due to His generosity and grace. It is not what a person deserves.

You sometimes read a hadith: It says if you do this deed, you will be given such and such rewards. If you read this prayer, you will be given such and such rewards…

When you read a similar hadith, you get surprised and say, “Is this a fabricated hadith?” What makes you say so is the greatness of the reward in return for such a little deed. You mean to say, “Can such a big price be given for such little work? I will read this short prayer once or I will repeat this short dhikr 10 times and I will be given a great reward in Paradise. It is impossible."  

These statements originate from our ignorance about the name Shakur of Allah Almighty. If we knew the meaning of the name Shakur and the endless generosity of our Lord, we would not find the rewards in hadith strange and when we read the rewards mentioned in the hadiths, we would say, "O Lord! You are Shakur and the most generous. You give endless grants and rewards in return for little deeds." Thus, we would find a way to increase our love of Allah.

What man is to learn from the name Shakur is as follows: Man needs to know that the rewards given to him in return for his worship is a manifestation of the name Shakur of Allah; thus, he needs to be modest, getting rid of boasting and conceitedness.

In addition, man needs to make this name part of his character and treat people generously in return for their favors; he needs to give as much as possible in return for the small favors of people. 

May Allah Almighty treat us with His name Shakur and make us receive the manifestation of this name. Amin.

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