Why does God punish His creation with Hell or why does He expose them to such calamities ?

A true lesson from Risale-i Nur Collection, There is a necessity of grace and mercy on his right and grief and discipline on his left of the Sultan (Muslim Ruler). Mercys requirement is reward. Discipline requires punishment. Both reward and punishment will be given in the Hereafter.

Not giving rewards to the ones who obey, and not giving punishments to the ones who rebel do not befit Sultans greatness. Both acts are the representation of helplessness and weakness. God is free of deficiencies.

Wishing the grief of His path not to become manifested has two meanings.

One is not imposing penalties to the rebellious, atrocious, and ferocious. How incongruous is it to suppose those with Gods Greatness, Wisdom, and Justice. While it is not an option, there is only one option left, supposing that humans have unrebellious and obedient nature. As a matter of fact, it is not the definition of humans but Angels.

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