Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger

1- Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger

They waged wage war against Allah and His Messenger… For them is the curse of Allah… The bounty in their sustenance is removed… They will not stand except as stands one whom the Evil One by his touch has driven to madness… They will be thrown into Hell… Their abdomens are as big as houses and there are snakes in them… They are held in a bloody river. When they want to come out, stones are thrown at them and they have to go back to the middle of the river… Who are they?

Those who devour usury

Yes, the verses of the Quran and hadiths describe those who devour usury as it is mentioned above and their punishment is also stated as it is mentioned above. The reason why we have prepared this work is to explain what a big sin usury is through verses and hadiths and to prevent Muslims from committing this sin.  

For, man sometimes commits a sin without knowing the punishment and the bigness of that sin, by depreciating it. In fact, to depreciate and underestimate a sin is unbelief but unfortunately the Muslims living at this age depreciate sins and plunge into sins recklessly. One of those sins is usury and interest. Unfortunately, usury (interest) has surrounded even some of the believers who perform daily prayers; some believers devour usury; some borrow loans from banks called credit and they are unaware of the bigness of this sin and its punishment.   

In this work, we will express the bigness of the sin of usury and mention its worldly and otherworldly penalties. We hope that this work will be a means of repenting for those who devour usury and that they will never commit it again. It is Allah who gives help and success. 

Now, we will list the verses and hadiths related to usury and want those who devour usury to read them. May Allah make us receive our shares from them!


“O ye who believe! fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. If ye do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger.” (al-Baqara 278-279)

It is necessary to pay attention to this verse. The phrase "waging war against Allah and His Messenger" is not used for any other sins in the Quran. It is used only for those who devour usury. This will be enough to explain what a big sin usury is in the eye of Allah. O he who devours usury! Are you aware of what kind of war you are in due to usury? You have raged war against Allah and His Messenger by devouring usury. Can a person who fights Allah be victorious? How can a person who wages a war against the Messenger of Allah ask his intercession? 

Ibni Abbas states the following about the verse we have just interpreted: The person who devours usury will be addressed as follows on the Day of Judgment: “Take your weapon to fight.” The following verse proves it: “If ye do it not, - that is, if you do not abandon usury -  take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger.” O he who devours or gives usury! What worldly property will save you when you will be addressed, “Take your weapon to fight”? Do you have the power to fight against Allah? Can you imagine the regret you will feel on that day? Repent today before you regret on that day and pay the rights of the people you have violated due to usury.

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