Those who touch the dust of usury

6- Those who touch the dust of usury

In a hadith reported in Nasai, Abu Hurayra said, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:  A time will come over mankind when not a single person will remain who does not consume riba (usury, interest); and if one does not consume it, the vapor or dust of it will reach him.

The time when people will consume usury and the dust of usury will reach those who do not consume usury that the Prophet mentions is probably this age. The people of this age call usury credit and give and take usury easily. This major sin has surrounded even some believers who perform daily prayers and some people who try to live as people of taqwa. Many people apply to banks in order to expand their business and give and take usury under the name of credit.

As for those who do not eat usury, the dust of usury reaches them. That is, the bakery that produces the bread they eat uses bank credit, or the company that produces the clothes they wear borrows a bank loan, or the builder that builds the houses they live in uses usury, or the builder sells the house he builds to a person who uses usury. Tens of transactions like these take place between those who devour usury and who produce their goods by the loans they borrow from the bank. Even if a person does not give or take usury, he swallows the dust of usury.

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