Some circles claim that first humans did not know to speak, is it so?

Language is an instrument, which speaks of the ideas produce of mind and heart and conveys the feelings of the spirit. For instance, just like a house, that does not have a door and windows, mind without eye and tongue is useless. Because, just as eye being the window of a spirit that opens out, ear being the receiver of mind; mouth and tongue are the exit doors of meanings that come out as utterances. According to this, claiming that first humans did not have the ability to speak is accepting that they were in great depression and their minds were given to them as a curse.

We read in the Holy Quran that Hazrath Adam who assumed a title of being the first man by speaking of the objects that were thought him by Allah (swt) Almighty became superior to Angels. 2.31. (Having brought him into existence, God) taught Adam the names, all of them. Then (in order to clarify the supremacy of humankind and the wisdom in their being created and made vicegerent on the earth), He presented them (the things and beings, whose names had been taught to Adam, with their names) to the angels, and said, "Now tell Me the names of these, if you are truthful (in your praising, worshipping, and sanctifying Me as My being God and Lord deserves).2.33. (In order to demonstrate the superiority of humankind more clearly, God) said: "O, Adam inform them of these things and beings with their names." When he (Adam) informed them with their names, He said (to the angels), "Did I not tell you that I know the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and I know all that you reveal and all that you have been concealing?"(Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:31, 33) In addition, it is known that Hazrath Adam who is the first prophet at the same time announced the first ten pages of the divine orders to his children, which he had by the divine revelation.

Humans are the respondents of Allah Almighty (swt); both first one and last one are the recipients of His favors.

On the other hand, the capability of the tongue voices the divine Mights greatness. Just as Quran puts it, And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your languages and colors. Surely in this are signs indeed for people who have knowledge (of the facts in creation and who are free of prejudices). (Ar-Rum Surah, 22)

If that is so, humans have never left destitute of speaking, have never been dumb. However, the numbers of the first humans were as few as a small family and the means of their language was in direct proportion with their time and needs.

Finally, claiming that every language in the world today is left us from Hazrath Adams children is quite inadequate. As time passed, some languages derived from one proto-language, dialect varieties became different languages. For instance, there are two hundred million Turkish speakers today. However, living in different countries, surrounded by different cultures and environments made those dialects considered as different languages, such as Kazakh, Turkish, Turkmen, and Uighur. It can be said the same thing for European (Romance) languages such as French, Italian which their ancestral language is Latin.

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