Was the first man, Hazrat Adam, literate? Was the first period of humanity a wild period?

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Was the first man, Hazrat Adam, literate? Was the first period of humanity a wild period?
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The first era of humanity was not wild; on the contrary, it was probably the first civilization. The  first lesson of civilization was given to people by true prophets. Divine prophets  gave people the first religious instruction (ie, they taught faith in God) as well as the first lesson of civilization.

However, people who had taken this first lesson of civilization from divine prophets started to get away from the civilization, forgetting the first lesson and they became wild; then they became civilized again. So, it means  people did not experience only  two periods of time as  primitive (wild) age and civilized age; they had three periods as  the first civilization age, wild age and second civilization age. Wild age is not considered as the first age; it was a transitional step between the two civilized ages.

Civilization has been conveyed to mankind through the prophets of Allah. At this point, there has not been a general savagery in human history. There was civilization in the areas where prophets had lived in accordance with their own period. We know  that people were wild and rude in the places where there were no prophets.

History books have always tried to show the wild aspect of humanity. There are some reasons of it. Among these, the main reason is that  some atheists try to move people away from Islam and faith in Allah. Some of them deceived people in the scientific field using their nonsensical idea of evolution and uttered the following claim: ‘’There is no Allah as  the  believers of Islam claimed. Everything in the universe occurred by themselves. Science also says so’. Besides, the following idea idea everywhere:  ‘Before evolving, man was half-ape; then, he turned to man. However, the first man was  fully  wild and illiterate’. So, they abused the science of History for this dirty ideology.

As a matter of fact, every prophet brought civilization; and the first man, Adam (pbuh), was also a prophet. Hence, the humanity starting with the Prophet Adam (pbuh) was civilized in accordance with that time and place; it was not wild. Even in the present time, there are people living in the wild as illiterate people; at those times, there was far more savagery and brutality However,  this state, as we said at the beginning, was not common.

In addition, Allah states in the Quran that the Prophet Adam (pbuh) had been taught  the name of everything, the meaning  of them and why everything was created, and that Adam (pbuh) became more successful than the angels in the test. Therefore, it is clear that the first man could speak as we do now and communicate with sounds.

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