What are the harms of racism?

Racism is to consider a nation or a tribe superior blindly and therefore to despise others. It is an aggressive, invasive and a tyrannical mentality which disparages any fundamentals that are not based on their own customs. Racism is a microbe that enervates religious connections, helps anarchy and savagery to spread and causes destruction in the structure of the community. It is destructive because it cares about tribal and national connections instead of religious and moral relations which regulate community life. The most grievous corruption in the society is nation and tribe superiority. For this reason, this illness is one of the first elements that could disintegrate our unity. Disagreements and disunity exist in the essence of racism.

The harms of racism can be summarized as follows:

1- The claim of national and tribal superiority damages justice, which is one of the bases of community life, seriously. Its outcome for humanity is tyranny, oppression and terror. Favoring people of the same race is an inseparable characteristic of racism. From this point of view, it is impossible for a racist to be fair and to act with mercy.

2-Racism enervates the connections of community. It eradicates the virtues which are the requirements of human peace and tranquility, shakes brotherhood, casts clouds over love in community and demolishes sincerity. Since it is the source of spiritual illnesses like animosity, grudge and hostility, it damages unity and solidarity.

3-Claiming tribal and national superiority drives man into a terrible savagery and animosity. It eradicates lofty feelings like mercy, compassion and contribution from the nature of the mankind completely. The most self-evident and newest examples of it are the tragic slaughters of innocent people in the Eastern part of Turkey committed by racist and separatist anarchists.

4- The characteristic of racism is nourishing through devouring others. Since racist philosophy is founded on foul principles like arrogance, egocentrism, claiming superiority and dignity, it always brings about corruption and destruction in the community life. Assuming that one has all the virtues and good qualities and overlooking his mistakes by seeing the mistakes of others are the outcomes of racism.

5- Racism is a rosebay tree which destroyed humanity. Human beings had felt the sharp ache of its poisonous fruits in the history, for centuries; they have still been feeling it. The First and the Second World Wars are the biggest evidence for it.

6- Racism is just like a destructive storm. History is a witness that this philosophy debilitated many governments, erased many of them from the page of history and caused so many grievous events through oppression and pressure.

World history is full of painful images of racism. For instance, the irrational superior nation theory of Germany caused to start the Second World War and later, and millions of people to be killed wildly. The fascist regime of Mussolini terrorized Italy and killed thousands of people. The activities of imperialist European governments aimed to annihilate hundreds of thousand people totally in South Africa are only some of shameful, dark examples of Western Civilization. Today, this mentality of ignorance still manifests itself by means of black-white discrimination. In the USA, the repression of whites over blacks went on for centuries and it still exists today.

8- Those who suffer from the illness of racism cannot embrace all of the Muslims with justice, mercy and compassion. Instead of adapting themselves to religion, they even attempt to exploit religion for their racist principles. Consequently, feelings of patriotism diminish, fade and die.

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