What is the Jihad (Holy War) Mentality of Badiuzzaman who is one of the Scholars of This Age?

It is surely impossible to express the jihad movement of Badiuzzaman that lasted almost a century in a few paragraphs. The following sentences below can be regarded as only a sign of his mentality of jihad.

Ustad (Master) Badiuzzaman adopted the truth For us Allah suffices, and He is the Best Disposer of Affairs! as a principle of life and jihad, and lived as a great guide and a unique man of cause.

The most significant period of his life of jihad is, doubtless, the period which he calls as the New Said.
While the Westernization movement was going on at full speed at the cost of destructing many spiritual values and while the destructive groups were working with all of their strength for driving youths into atheism and corruption, Ustad summarized all those happenings in the following sentences:

There is a horrible fire in front of me.

He went on: My son is burning in it; my belief is on fire: burning.

The gist of his service was included in the sentence that followed those two:

I am running to extinguish that fire, to save my belief. The fire which burnt the youths burnt Ustads heart, as well.

Ustad Badiuzzaman was the recipient of unexampled mercy of Allahs Messenger (PBUH) which was depicted in a verse as: It may be you will kill thyself with grief, that they do not become Believers (Ash-Shuàráa, 3) in an incredible broadness in this age.

With the lesson he learned from this verse Therefore listen not to the Unbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost strenuousness, with the (Qurán). (Al-Furqán,52) , he wrote an interpretation of the Quran that will defeat the whole negative currents originating from materialism, evolution and debauchery. Thus, he attributed his service of belief to knowledge science.

There is an article entitled A Text of Risale-i Nur Students in his work Sikke-i Tasdik-i Gaybî (The Ratifying Stamp of the Unseen). In that article, the date thirteen thirty two (in Islamic calendar) is mentioned. That date is the beginning of the jihad. There is a note stating that He (Ustad) started his struggle by publishing his work Ishârâtu'l-I'jaz (Signs of Miraculousness) that year.

At that time, Ustad was fighting against Russians in the Pasinler front and at the same time, he was having his student Habib write down Quran signs. Although he was in a war, it is very interesting that the beginning date of his jihad was accepted as the publishing date of that interpretation. It means that the genuine jihad is to tell people the truth and reality.

While Ustad was fighting in the Pasinler front, he was also establishing the basis of the forthcoming great jihad. This time he would hold pen and paper instead of weapons in his hands. His pen would fulfill the duty of sword, but a diamond sword; that phrase belongs to him.

Diamond sword There is no forcing in that sword. That sword does not cut heads but cuts wrong convictions. That sword does not strike into hearts but casts off superstitious beliefs. A sort of surgery operation is performed by means of that, sword but the surgery is not about the body, it penetrates into the spirit, enters the heart, reaches the mind and does whatever is necessary without hurting the patient.

The name of that jihad is spiritual jihad, his own expression.

The spiritual jihad within the country is to struggle against spiritual destruction; not material but spiritual services are needed. Therefore, we do not interfere with politicians, so politicians do not have any rights to be engaged with us. (Emirdağ Addendum)

Ustad succeeded in that spiritual jihad which he performed by diamond sword. How? He published the treatise Nature: Cause or Effect? against naturalists and destroyed their convictions. He put down on paper the treatise Resurrection and the Hereafter against psychos who deny the Hereafter and justified the existence of the Hereafter wonderfully by means of rational and revelational proofs.

By means of the treatise Brotherhood and Sincerity which is on the Islamic fellowship, he performed a spiritual jihad against all of the enemies that harm fraternity like hostility, animosity, grudge, slander.

He destroyed racism, which is the most terrifying enemy of unity and solidarity, by rational and revelational proofs through publishing a treatise on racism.

It is not possible to mention all of the one hundred and thirty pieces books here. However, as it is seen clearly in the several examples above, Badiuzzamans jihad is a spiritual jihad; it is a movement of thought, a campaign of belief and morality and a torch of fraternity. It is obviously understood that that jihad has no connection with politics in his following expressions:

Sirs! I am in the current of belief. Before me is the current of unbelief. I have no connection with other currents. (Letters)

Religion shall not be exploited negatively within the country. (Inspirations)

If one acts with the club of politics and prevails over them, the unbelievers descend to the degree of dissemblers. And dissemblers are worse than unbelievers. That is to say, the club cannot heal the heart at this time, for then unbelief enters the heart and is concealed, and is transformed into dissembling. (Flashes)

If we want humanity to reach spiritual salvation, it is not possible through politics but through service, science, knowledge and representing Islam in the best way.

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