The Prophet owning Sword and Stuff mentioned in the Bible

The Bible Informs People about Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

The Prophet owning Sword and Stuff mentioned in the Bible

14- In the Bible, it is mentioned about the prophet that will come and that will become the master of the universe is referred to as “the one who has got Sayf and Stuff.” The Arabic word of Sayf here means sword. So, the prophet has a duty of Jihad. So, this person cannot be Jesus because he was not appointed to make Jihad and He did not fight in a war. “The owner of sword” can only be the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His ummah were appointed to make Jihad. Besides, the Prophet Muhammad has a stuff and he used to carry a stuff with him.

15- And again, the prophet that will come in the future is mentioned as “Sahib-ut Taj” (the owner of crown).This is also peculiar to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Taj means turban that is wrapped around the head. In ancient times, the people who used to wear turban (head dress) among nations were Arabs. So ‘Sahib-ut Taj’ mentioned in the Bible certainly means Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

QUESTION: Why is it that while the other prophets only foretell the coming of Muhammad (PBUH), Jesus (PUH) does so more fully and in the form of good news?

THE ANSWER: For, Ahmad (PBUH) defended Jesus (PBUH) against the terrible denials and slanders of  Jews, and saved his religion from corruption. Furthermore, in the face of the burdensome Shari‘a of the Children of Israel, who did not recognize Jesus, he came with an elevated Shari‘a which was easy, all-encompassing, and completed the deficiencies of Jesus’ Shari‘a. For these reasons, Jesus often gave the good news that "the Ruler of the World" will come!

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