Can we call someone, who loves his race, a racist?

When we look at the Quranic verses and Hadiths, which prohibited racism, we clearly see that loving your tribe and making tribal partisanship are very different things.

Making tribal partisanship, looking down on other Muslims, dividing up Islam, and trying to establish a virtue and superiority measurement rather than taqwa (the way through the obedience of God, submission), which Islam forbade and the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) severely prohibited are completely running counter to the teachings of Islam.

In fact, every human loves his/her kin, shows kindness to him or her. There are so many encouragements in Gods revelations on that. To love your own kind that you live with, to feel pity for them, to emend them, to take pride in something your ancestors did well and to be worthy of your ancestors are totally different from racism.

Islam does not deny race, but prohibits racial discrimination. We can give gender as an example. Quran announces that we were created into different races and tribes; and of male and female. We deny neither race nor gender, but, as when man and woman oppose each other and destroy the family; to make tribal partisanship and to divide up harms the notion of nation and state and does not worth a thing rather than being weak against the enemies (of Islam).

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