What are the distinctive features of Islam from other religions?

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What are the distinctive features of Islam from other religions?
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Allah, the Exalted, who sent human beings different prophets and different religions in various periods of history, sent Islam as the last religion and Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) as the last prophet.

The different aspects of Islam from the previous religions are as follows:

1 – First of all, previous religions addressed certain periods of time and people of a certain region. Islam addresses the whole mankind. The call of Islam is general and universal.

2 – Previous religions addressed only people who lived at that time. The characters of the people of that time were rude and their nature was somewhat wild. They were backward in science, civilization, ideas and understanding.

The means of transportation and communication were in a primitive state. The cultures, beliefs, customs and traditions of each region were different. The exchange of cultures and views were rare. Therefore, it was necessary to send different prophets and different religions to each community. In time, when human beings made a lot of progress in terms of science, ideas, culture and civilization, previous local religions could not meet the requirements of people. Thereupon, God Almighty sent Islam as the last religion to all human beings.

The religion of Islam has the characteristics of being able to address the whole humanity, from the people that lived 1400 years ago to the modern people of the future. Therefore, its rule is permanent and valid until the Day of Judgment.

3 – In time, wrong beliefs and superstitions were incorporated in previous religions. The principle of belief in oneness of Allah, that is, oneness, the belief of oneness, was partly changed. Islam remains as fresh and as pure as the first day it was, without being spoiled.

4- The religion of Islam, preserved in its structure all of the true judgments and principles that the other religions contained. It corrected the principles that were spoiled and changed in time. 

Therefore, Islam has many common points with other religions. 

The members of other religions should not think that they completely abandon their religions when they adopt Islam. Islam preserved the common principles of beliefs with the other religions exactly and made corrections in the details that were changed in time; Islam also brought new judgments about the issues that were missing in those religions. It does not eradicate the previous belief and change it completely but perfects it by cleaning it from imperfection and wrong beliefs.

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