Why are the religions other than Islam not regarded as valid?

Allah, who sent separate prophets and religions to human beings in various eras of history, sent Islam as the last religion and Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) as the last prophet. With the advent of Islam, the validity of the previous religions like Judaism and Christianity ended.

It is similar to the following case: when a new law is enacted, the previous one becomes invalid. When the last religion and the divine law of Allah was sent, the validity of the previous religions and divine laws ended.

Main reasons why necessitate the other religions to be regarded as invalid are as follows:

1- First of all, the previous religions addressed certain eras and certain people. On the other hand, Islam addresses the whole mankind. Its message is general and universal.

2- The previous religions addressed only the people who lived when they were sent. The characteristics of the people living at those times were rude and their temper was close to savagery. They had not progressed in terms of science, civilization thought and understanding. Means of transportation and communication were very primitive. The cultures, beliefs and customs of every region were different from one another. The exchange of ideas and culture were very weak. 

Therefore, it was necessary to send separate prophets and different religions to different places. As time passed by and humanity made great progress in science, thought, culture and civilization, the previous local religions fell behind and could not meet the needs of people. Thereupon, God Almighty sent Islam, the last religion, to human beings.  

The religion of Islam has the property of being able to address everybody, from the people of 1400 years ago, to the people of today and the modern people of the future. Therefore, its validity is permanent and will last until Doomsday.

3- In the course of time, superstitions and wrong beliefs penetrated into the previous religions. The principle of belief in oneness of Allah, that is, the belief of tawhid, got lost. Islam still exists with its first day freshness and purity without any distortion.

In conclusion, we can state the following:

The religions other than Islam are like lanterns and lamps that illuminate a street. Islam is like the sun that illuminates the whole world.

Is there any need for the street lamp when the sun rises?

Can the validity of the light of the street lamp be mentioned in the presence of the sun?

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