The Question That Is Caused By Darkness

All the consciences that grieve, all the minds that reflect, all the hearts that are wounded and all eyes that shed tears ask; What can we do?

This question is put into the hearts of all believers by the cruelty of Israel.

There emerges another question for the ones who want to put out their rightful rage and to go to war: How can we resist against bombs with catapults and against tanks with sticks?

The feeling of patriotism does not even want to think bout this question and says, Whatever? We must do something anyway.

We are also of the same opinion. We must do something; but we must do something having much thought and made plans about future; and even so many things we must do.

We know that bringing the history upside down and itching to the wound will not be of much help. On the other hand, we think that treatment will not be possible before correct diagnosis.

There is one way for the mind: to come to such a position as to defy bombs with better ones, tanks with more equipped ones. By not entering that long way, we will not be doing anything except lengthening the war, and boosting and spreading the cruelty to other lands.

What is required is not the death of these patriots, but their progress to a certain destination with great sacrifice and effort. If we believed death would solve everything, the first thing we would do would be to sacrifice ourselves. But if this sacrifice would only weaken our side, then we cannot see it as a solution. We should plan our future attentively, and should not hesitate to make any material help that must be done today. It is a duty of fraternity of belief and of humanity to make any material help to the needy whose houses are destroyed, relatives lost and who are thus left alone, who suffer from illnesses, and who despair under bad conditions, and to begin the shipment of food and medication.

Let us continue with the subject by looking into our situation in order to diagnose the illness: Currently, isnt the capital of the Muslim World and especially that of the Arabs invested in the Christian banks for interest? We know that it is allowed to take interests from the non-Muslim countries. But here is an important point we are mistaken: If we are obliged to invest our money into their banks like workers there, then we must take the interest of our money, because otherwise, it would be a kind of help to them. But, without such a compulsion, it is surely not a right thing to invest our money into their banks with the sole intention of making profit. Because, if they give ten bucks interest to our money, they make thirty bucks profit from it; they feed on our money, get arms, and shoot us with our own money. If the patrons of petroleum and people of kingdom of the Muslim world cannot make such a simple reasoning, then we must first warn them before Israel.

Being the community of the Prophet who says: He is not from us whoever is full while his neighbor is hungry., if we make holiday palaces in western countries, and pour water into our baths from golden fountains, while our neighboring Muslim countries grieve under the tyranny of Jews; we must first question ourselves and gain consciousness.

Everybody knows how absurd it is to sacrifice people for idols. But if someone has believed in it, he will perform this cruelty willingly. In the heads of the Jews, there is an idol of faith. They believe that the only nation that has the right to live on Earth is the Jews; they look down on other nations as slaves, and even deem it a good deed to kill them. It is not possible to expect mercy and compassion from these people whose minds are that much confused and whose hearts are darkened. The only solution is to empower ourselves so as not to be defeated by them.

It has become of vital importance for everyone that, in the Middle East, a super power or powers emerge. This power is expected to realize in the Arab World and with the Arab union. The capital invested in interest must immediately be directed to the development of these countries, misery and unemployment must be done away with, the gap of income between neighboring countries must be filled as much as possible, and besides, we must be at least as strong as they are, against the enemy and thus their trespasses must be prevented. The main objective must be not to wage war but to live in peace and to make efforts for the Muslims to catch up with the developed countries.

This duty, as is stated above, is mostly for the Arab countries. Actually, even if they want, they cannot pull back all their money from the western banks. They well know that this would be the beginning of a new war, and they are aware that they are not prepared for such a war at all. At least from now on, they must make a good plan and progress in development with wide strides.

We expect this with great hope. If the Arab World does not go into the way of being super power, they must cooperate with Turkey, which has progressed much in that way. They should invest in Turkey, cooperate with it in commerce, and they both should form a mutual economic power.

This way is long, but the only solution.

To accomplish without working, to harvest without sowing are contrary to the rules and principles of God. Efforts of ours will be a benediction in terms of action, and with the acceptance of this supplication, with God willing, it will be possible for us to succeed much more than we hope.

Peace is absolutely good. These are the good and beneficent results which will take place in peace: we live Islam with all its institutions, get instruction, make commerce, become rich and give zakah- distribution of one fortieth of one's income as alms (one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith), explain Islam to the ones from other religions. Besides, if we were forced to fight, it would be a must on us to perform this duty according to the principles of Islam. In Islam, the rules and principles of war are very important. It is forbidden to harm the children, animals, crops, and the religious people-who do not interfere in the war and tend to their own prayers- of the enemy. The ones who do not obey these will be cruel and it will be participating into this cruelty to appreciate it. At this point, we must pay utmost attention to control our hearts.

The world is the field of the Hereafter. Our enemies harvest an eternal crop of hell from this field for themselves with their cruelty, and finally they will find themselves in a range of punishments the beginning of which is the world of grave. And we must avoid deriving sins and punishment by behaving against the rules of war. Our feelings must not deviate us away from the right path by dominating our minds; our hearts must be victorious against our selves. And this is a hard test for the patriots.
Here, I want to highlight a very important truth our religion has instructed us:

Most of the reflections of the names of God are general, and are bound to some conditions. Whoever complies with these conditions will benefit them.
The one who acts in accordance with the name Hakim-who acts with wisdom- and so acts with wisdom and purpose will get its reward as success.

The reflection of the name Shafii-who gives the remedies of diseases-, is also bound to certain conditions. In this world, every trouble has its remedy. Whoever finds and uses this remedy will deserve health and ease. Here, there is also no distinction of believer-disbeliever.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) informs us that nine tenth of livelihood is from commerce. There are fixed rules of success in commerce. Whoever sticks to them will achieve success; and here also no distinction of religion or sect exists.

Lastly, I want to point out a very important point shortly:

God is the absolute rich One and the One absolutely lacking any need. In other words, he by no means needs anything. He becomes pleased with the Muslims being victorious over Earth by working, but He does not in the least need that victory. To give an example from the world of creatures; it is not the sun but humans that need to see. If all the human beings close their eyes, the sun will get no harm and will not be saddened in the least. If they all open their eyes and start to see again, there will be no increase in the light of the sun. In both situations, the loser and the winner is only the human. Faith is the opening of the eye of the heart. For people to be believer and to benefit from the light of faith is a great profit for them. God does not need this faith, but He is pleased with it. This point must be well understood and every effort must be made for the Muslim World to get out of the misery they have fallen. As long as we fail to show these efforts, wanting the help and guidance of God is like wanting fruits from dry sand.

The unprecedented cruelty done by the Israel fastens the realization of the news related by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about the future of the Jews. Just like the good news of the conquest of Istanbul, that of the cease of the existence of the Jews upon Earth will take place. In addition, this will be done not by the birds of punishment-that destroyed the army of Abraha- but by the armies stronger than those of Jews.

Finally, we can summarize the duties that we must fulfill against that fire of cruelty:

1- God tasks not a soul beyond its scope. Taking our lesson from this verse, we must determine what we can accomplish, and must do every kind of help that we can to the oppressed.

2- We must boost our progress by knowing that these helps are just precautions for a time, and that the real precaution is being stronger than the enemy, and we must refrain from laziness, entertainment and dissoluteness, extravagance, and the unwariness of feeding the non-Muslims with our own money. We must work with all our capacity, not only to be rich, but to be powerful, to say stop to the cruel and to save the oppressed.

We summon all Muslims to taking great pains, and hope and pray that God may make us successful.

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