Is it permissible to get a loan from a non-Islamic country and escape without repaying it?

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Some people in America get loans from banks and escape without repaying them. They encourage the people around me to do so too. Some people asked me about it but I could not give a definite answer. People make some excuses saying that the banknotes are pieces of paper printed by banks and they say they do not think it is a sin. Others say it is nothing compared to their inflictions on the Muslims. What is the decree about those people?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

A Muslim who enters a non-Muslim country, with which the Muslims are in a state of war or not, with a permission (a passport and a visa) has to obey the laws of that country and cannot harm the country and its people. He is given permission based on that condition. “Muslims have to act in accordance with the conditions and keep their promises.”

Therefore, the deed mentioned in the question is not permissible and that money is not halal.

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