Materialists claim that matter is eternal. How can we respond to that claim?

Materialists people preferred to display their tricks in other fields on the grounds that they know quite well that it is rather unreasonable to attribute divinity to matter, which is unconscious, lifeless, and powerless. They started to maintain that matter is eternal. It was another form of calling matter as god. However, they maintained it as a kind of philosophy and they found many supporters who wanted to deceive themselves.

Just as evolutionists traced back the creation of human being to millions of years ago and attempted to explain the issue in the form of evolving from another animal because they realized that it is rather awkward to claim that man is created by his parents, so too did those people take man to the past as in the same trick above and tried to make him forget about his own creation by occupying him with eternality of matter. Though it was so obvious that matter is an auxiliary being, they struggled to demonstrate it as a god.

We want to quote from the Light Collection a lesson of truth which reduces all the materialists to silence: As for matter, it is the degenerated form and cannot be free from the temporary movements of happenings. Then, its hudus is certain. (Muhakemat)

Hudus is something that comes into existence later, that is to say, it has got a certain beginning.

As for hadis, it is something that has got a beginning.

The hudus of matter, namely the fact that it is created afterwards, is evident since it changes its shapes and it moves. One movement is followed by another action. That previous movement disappears because of the second action.

In the lesson of truth studied above, it has been proven that the attributes of matter are hadis. The movement is hadis; it shows that both actions are hadis if one disappears and then something new replaces it. Taking that into consideration, since matter has got these hadis features, it is necessary that matter itself be hadis as well. It is because hadis characteristics can only be found in hadis beings. This last decree has obviously been stated with the expression hudus is certain

The same thing can be said for shape. Regarding that matter changes its shape, its former figure and the form into which it turns are all hadis. Something that has got a hadis feature cannot be eternal since it is hadis. As it was created later, it is a being (creature).

As we pointed out shortly at the very beginning, the claim by materialists that matter is eternal stems from the fact that they failed to prove their assertion.

Let us think about a glass bowl. No materialist can respond to the question how the glass which is the origin of bowl took the form of the bowl.

In addition, the production of glass is another issue. The origin of glass is sand, lime and soda. They take the shape of glass after they are processed. There lies a knowledge, power and will for this course of action. Otherwise, why should these matters bother themselves for such a long and troublesome course? It is a matter of processing.

This palace of universe was created out of inanimate elements. However, the universe has moved forward, developed, expanded, spread and changed since its first formation. Then it took its present form in the end. Since all these useful and wise things cannot be attributed to lifeless matter, there is one who makes it expand, change and advance.

We need to contemplate a bit if the bricks of the past have turned into a house now, the ink of yesterday has became a book today, the motionless matters of former times have taken the shape of a car or an airplane and it is impossible to account for by reason these progresses and changes with matter being eternal used in their construction. However, this explanation is sufficient for those wishing to deceive themselves.

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