Why isn’t the matter pre-eternal? How can God be pre-eternal?

Either God or the matter is eternal… Materialists who deny the existence of God were forced to attribute eternity to the matter. Many scientific proofs, in the field of knowledge in the 20th century, that the universe has a beginning, that it is not pre-eternal and cannot be post-eternal have executed the death sentence of materialism which is the main philosophy of unbelievers.

Bawing says:

It is certain that someone who has understood even a little bit from today’s knowledge has gained immunity against the illness of materialism.

Albert Camus clearly puts forth this truth:

It would be necessary to deny all the discoveries of the 20th century for Marxism to be faultless. Marxism can be claimed to be scientific only by opposing to Heisenberg, Bohr, Einstein and the greatest scholars of our time.

It is not that there is no one who denies God, even though the wondrous mechanism and precise order of each creature from atom to stars make known the One of Unity and of absolute knowledge and power and reflects the gleams of God’s greatness. People who do not understand from where nature is managed, which issues forth out of the manifestations of Divine Power, and who do not know where these manifestations come from keep on saying that the matter and power are eternal and conscious. For instance, we are faced with these words in the book Science and Religion in the Light of Socialism:

Matter is not created by any god. Matter and energy are present without a beginning and an end and change form incessantly.

After David Foster observed the works and phenomena, products of knowledge and of will, in the Universe, when his perception could not swallow the truth of There is God; He is the Creator of the Universe he fell into a ridiculous situation and named his book The Intelligent Universe. This delusion is clearly seen in the expression of his: Universe is a conscious system, which claims that both atoms and planets are conscious. It is seen again that people who do not accept one God, have been forced to attribute divinity to everything from atoms to stars; i.e. to accept such attributes as absolute knowledge, power, and eternity in each particle.

It is God Who is eternal

Against someone who expounds in the light of scientific proofs that matter and the universe are not eternal, a classical question is usually produced: “Considering that everything is created. Then who did create God?”

This question is faulty in the first place. For causes go to infinity one after another Besides, we believe in one God Who is made known to us by the universe, the Quran and the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him).

For Him, there is no place, time, limit, weakness, beginning, end, etc. All these are valid for matter and things. However, He is neither matter, form nor any other thing we can think of. He is the unique and the Almighty One.

If one mentions a god who is not eternal, that means he speaks of the god in his head, not of real God Like Zeus of the Greek.

In order for one to be an architect, he must possess certain qualifications. Without these qualifications, this person cannot reach the rank of an architect. Can it be expected of a person who does not bear such qualities as life, knowledge, and willpower to be called an architect?

The Architect of the Universe, our Creator, God also has sacred qualities of His. He possesses power and life; His Being is intrinsic, pre-eternal, and post-eternal and resembles nothing; He is the All Rich, the Bountiful, the Most Merciful

That God creates all the creatures does not necessitate that He is created-God forbid! As mind wants visible examples, let us try to explain this subject further with a few examples.

A soldier receives command from the corporal, and he from the captain and he from the chief commander, and finally he from the sultan; there is no question like “Then who do the sultan take orders from?” For if the sultan also receives commands from someone, he then falls to the degree of the subject and the one he takes orders from becomes the sultan. In this condition, we cannot ask such a question: “Who does the sultan take orders from?”, as the first person is not the sultan then. We think of someone who gives orders, but does not take, when we say sultan.

As is understood from the example we have given to explain the impossibility of sequencing, it is essential that the creation of this universe depend on God, Who is the pre-eternal and post-eternal with His Being, names and attributes.

“All creatures are brought from the darkness of nothingness into the luminous world of beings with the power of the One of Greatness Who creates but is not created.”

Where does our world take light?

— From the sun.

Where does the moon take its light?

— From the sun.

Where do such planets as Mars and Jupiter take their light?

— From the sun.

So, where does the sun take its light?

The sun does not take its light from another star. It is an issuer of light itself. So; that the world, the moon and other planets take their light from the sun does not necessitate that it takes its light from somewhere else. Just like this example, that God creates every being does not necessitate that He is created, too.


The shortest answer we should give to the materialist who seeks an absolute reason for our belief is this: Not for this or that; not because of this or that; actually, WE BELIEVE BECAUSE GOD EXISTS...

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