How many parts is Belief divided into?

Belief is divided into two:

1. Implicit (ijmal) belief,

2. Detailed (tafseel) belief.

What does implicit belief mean?

It means believing wholly in the things that our Prophet conveyed to us from Allah.

If a person says:

“La ilaha illallah muhammadun rasulullah” by knowing the meaning and approving, he believes wholly.

That sentence is called tawhid. The meaning of it is as follows:

La ilaha illallah: There is no god but Allah.

Muhammadun rasulullah: Muhammad is His messenger. 

What does detailed belief mean?

It is to know in detail and with evidence what our Prophet informed us from Allah. In other words, it is to learn and approve the necessary knowledge about the religion in detail.

What is the necessary knowledge of the religion that needs to be absolutely learned?

The necessary knowledge that needs to be learned is the 6 fundamentals of belief included in Amantu, the obligatory worshipping like daily prayers, fasting, hajj (pilgrimage), zakat (almsgiving) and the actions like killing a person, having alcohol, and fornicating that are regarded haram by the religion.

It is necessary for every Muslim to know them in detail and to believe them.

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