Is he who says “la ilaha illallah” saved from the punishment of Allah?

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Is there a hadith like that? If yes, is it sound? If it is sound, what should we learn from this hadith?
“A person who says "La ilaha illallah” will be saved from the agony and punishment of Allah, the Exalted, unless he regards the world as superior to the religion. If one leaves the religion and sticks to the world and when he utters the word of tawhid (la ilaha illallah), Allah will say ‘you are lying’." (Bayhaqi)

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Yes, there is a hadith in this sense. (see Bayhaqi, Shuabul-Iman, no: 10497; Hakim, Nawadirul-Usul, p. 247)

Abu Yala states that the chain of narrators of this hadith is hasan. (see Haythami, Majmauz-Zawaid, h. no: 12227)

There are other hadith narrations meaning “Whoever says ‘la ilaha illallah’ is saved from Hell and enters Heaven.”

For example, “Whoever says, ‘la ilaha illallahu wahdwhu la sharikw lah’ ( ‘There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner’), it will be wajib for him to enter Paradise" (see Majmauz-Zawaid, 1/16)

- However, in order to benefit from the positive results of this statement, it is necessary to utter the word and fulfill its requirements. As a matter of fact, according to the narration from Sad bin Ubada:

"Whoever says ‘la ilaha illallahu wahdahu la sharika lah‘, obeys it wholeheartedly, obeys it with his tongue and witnesses that prophet Muhammad is the servant and messenger of Allah, Allah will make Hell forbidden for him." (Majmauz-Zawaid, 1/21)

Another narration is as follows: "Whoever says ‘La ilaha illallah’ will enter Paradise." (Muslim, Iman, 53)

However, if a person says “la ilaha illallah” and dies right after that, this is the evidence that he enters the grave as a believer. A person who enters the grave as a believer will eventually exit from Hell and enter Paradise - even if he goes to Hell because of his sins.

It is possible to interpret some of these hadiths in this sense.

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