Can Allah (SWT) be compared with the creatures He has created?

One of the most important issues that mislead man is that man compares and confuses the attributes and qualities, which belong to the Creator with those of the created. Allahs existence comes from Him and He has no beginning and end. Just as creatures are definitely in need of a creator in order to exist, so they also have beginnings and ends. Allah (SWT) is at utmost perfection with all of His attributes. He (SWT) is free of impotence and neediness and is not bound to time and space.

As for creatures, they need nourishment in order to sustain their lives and need time and space to act. This is a scientific reality that comparisons and evaluations are made among the same sorts. Whereas it is something that is even known by a primary school child that two apples and three pears cannot be added, how is it that the one whose existence is necessary and the one whose existence and absence are equal, the one who is creator and the one who is created, the one who is limited and the one who is limitless can be compared?

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