Where is God?

The question word where can be asked for the things that have a space. These are material things. Just as space is matter, those, which have a space in it, are also matter. Something like this is out of question about God (SWT), Whose one of the names is Noor (Heavenly Light) and, Who created the space and the matter. Moreover, among creatures are those, which do not exist in space at all. The closest example of this is our own soul.

Our organs have spaces. Hence, it is possible to ask questions such as Where is lung? or Where is kidney? However, we cannot ask such questions about the soul, about its functions and feelings. For example, we cannot ask questions such as Where is soul? Where does mind inhabit? Where are the spaces of love, fear, memory?

Instead of taking his body as a criterion, which is material and bound up with space, if man thinks about the realm of souls, angels and the laws in effect in nature -all of which are to some extent independent of space- there would be no need for such a question.

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