Allah (SWT) has created all creatures. Then who created Allah (SWT)?

This one and similar questions are as a result of insufficiency in knowledge and in belief. When Allah (SWT) is cited, we recall a Person who is Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal, Single and Eternally Besought One, whose attributes are at utmost perfection. And such a Person is free of being created for those, which are created did come into existence afterwards, are mortal and have limited attributes. There is an obvious contrast in this question that creatures attributes are ascribed to Allah (SWT).

Some questions have constantly been asked since the early times. This question, too, is one of them. A group of disbelievers came to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and asked him, O Muhammad, it is Allah who created all beings. So who created Him? Upon that question, Gabriel (PBUH) brought the surah of Ikhlas from Allah (SWT) as a response. Say: He is Allah, the One, and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He beget not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him. With this surah (chapter), every kind of polytheism is rooted up and all degrees of Allahs Unity are explained and proved most properly.

Allah is Unique. He is the only and unique Presence whose Person and nature are free from looking like those of other creatures, from space and time, from change and evolution. He is Eternally Besought One. All creatures need him –be it their creation or their life, in short, in all situations they are in need of Him. He is in need of nothing.

Allah is free from the attributes such as begetting and being begotten. Because He has neither a beginning nor an end. Yes, He existed and there was nothing else but Him. How can it be thought that Allah (SWT), Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal, has come into existence by any other ones involvement?

He has no partner, no match, and no equivalent. There can be thought no being that could ever be equivalent to Him in His creation, management, discipline, or sovereignty. Someone even with a bit of cleverness knows that this contradictory question cannot be asked about such a Person.

Yes, the one created cannot be a creator. The one whose power and might are infinite cannot come into existence by any others involvement. The one who has no beginning cannot come into existence afterwards. In short, it is not possible for someone to be in a position both being equipped with infinite attributes of perfection of creativity and having infinite deficiencies for being a creature.

The point also has to do with concatenation and it is as follows: In chain of events, there must be a ring that other rings can attach to it. For example, in a train with fifteen railway wagons, each wagon is pulled by the previous wagon. Eventually when we arrive at the locomotive, we do not ask, What pulls the locomotive? There must be a vehicle –locomotive- that has enough power to pull and, that does not need to be pulled so that the train moves properly.

In the same way, if we ask how sugar is made, we will be told that it is made in sugar factory. If we ask where the machines tools in the sugar factory are made, we will be shown their workshops. In the end if the problem does not rest on knowledge and will, the workshop of the workshop will be asked and we will find ourselves in a vicious circle.

A private receives order from a corporal, he receives order from captain, and finally commander-in-chief receives from king. You cannot ask who he receives order from, since he is not the one to receive order but the one to give order. If he too is to receive order from somebody, he also becomes the one who receives order and the one who gives him order becomes king.

It is clearly understood from the explanations made here that the existence of this universe rests on a Creator who is eternal with His Person, names and attributes. It is not possible to ask by reason that created such a Person.

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