Will you give information about the realm of similitude?

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Will you give information about the realm of similitude?
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The realm of similitude is described as the realm of transition between the realm of spirits and the realm of matter.

Like the other realms, a small example of this realm is present in man, too. We understand from Nur Collection that this example is “imagination”.

When we visualize a place we have been to before in our imagination, an example of that place forms in our realm of imagination. The origin of this world is in the visible realm but its form in the imagination is in the realm of similitude.

When we stand in front of a mirror, two people face each other. One of them is real and the other is imaginary.

Under the light of these examples, we can say that everything we see in this realm has a similar one in another realm. That realm is called the realm of similitude. The realm of similitude is denser than the realm of spirit but finer than the visible realm. In this sense, it is like a barzakh between two realms.

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