Will you give information about men’s haircut and beard?

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All kinds of haircut are permissible unless they are contrary to the customs of the community. However, to be in accordance with the Sunnah is a different issue. For, being permissible and being a sunnah are different things. If something is sunnah, it is definitely permissible. However, "not all permissible things are sunnah."

It is permissible to have a goatee but it is not sunnah; that is, it is not the practice of the Prophet (pbuh).

When we view the life of the Prophet (pbuh), we see that he prohibited Muslims from resembling others even related to some minor deeds. (Abu Dawud, Libas 4; Musnad, II/50; Tirmidhi, Isti'dhan 7)

The fact that "a person who resembles others with his appearance will resemble them with his heart in the course of time" which may have been said acting upon the spirit of those hadiths, is accepted by the science of psychology today. Therefore, it is not appropriate to welcome such a beard style. However, if a person grows such a beard due to a valid reason, it is not criticized. Nevertheless, this valid reason can be determined by people who are experts in fiqh.

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