Will you explain in detail the following statement of Hz. Ali? "You think you are a small thing but the biggest realm is hidden in you."

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Will you explain in detail the following statement of Hz. Ali? "You think you are a small thing but the biggest realm is hidden in you."
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Allah created the universe, became manifest on the universe with His names, decorated the palace of the universe with the adornments of His one thousand and one names and decorated man, who is in the center of this palace and to whom this palace and its inhabitants serve, with all of the decorations of this palace.

The being that decorated the universe withHis one thousand and one names decorated man like a small sample of the universe with the same adornments.

Man is a small realm. He is the minimized sample of the realm. Allah placed everything existing in the universe in man in the form of essence. The essence of everything in the universe is virtually in man. If the universe is minimized, it becomes man; if man is maximized, he becomes the universe.

A sample of the tremendous activities in the universe takes place in man. There is a continuous activity in our body. We always breathe in and out; our brain works continuously; our hair keeps growing; our cells change all the time. (Does the universe not change its inhabitants all the time?)

As the fingers of a baby grow, the branches of a tree grow. When we lose our hair, we feel the season of fall. Many creatures die in fall; similarly, and many people die in fall.

(From the example in the vision): Man's hair reminds forests. Our body hair indicates plants. The blood in our vessels indicates the rivers that flow; the liquids in our mouth and ear indicate sweet and hard waters. The curved places in our body indicate mountains, and the flat places indicate plains, and so on.


The universe was created as man was created.

Man has youth and old age; so does the universe. The universe will also die as man will die.

That is, man is a small realm.

The universe is a servant of man. Man was created in the center of the universe and the universe was made man's servant.

As the Quran describes, the earth was laid like a bed for man and created like a cradle in which man can feel peaceful. The sun was given the duty of a lamp and a stove; the stars are like candles; they are given to man in the darkness of the night.

This universe, whose harmony is kept in balance all the time with its air, sun and soil, is a servant, mount, bed, table and world market for man. It has been furnished and decorated like a palace and put under his command. Man has not been left without appetite at the tables of the palace of the universe; he has been given endless needs so that he will benefit from all tables.

Thus, Allah Almighty has attached all of the ends of the boons in the universe to man. That is, man has been created in a form that is related to all parts of the universe. Are we not interested in an incident near us as well as the research about Mars?

Yes. We are related to the whole universe. The universe was created for us with its mountains, stones, stars, flowers, corals, in short, everything. Our hearts were created in a way that can love the whole realm.

We perceive the universe as a whole and love it like that. Can you imagine a world without the azure blue sky and the flowers on the earth?

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