Will the trouble suffered in the family be atonement for sins?

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The problems man encounters will be atonement for his sins. Therefore, the trouble he suffers in the family will be atonement for his sins.

Abu Hurayra narrates:

"Be moderate and stand firm in trouble that falls to the lot of a Muslim (as that) is an expiation for him; even stumbling on the path or the pricking of a thorn (are an expiation for him)." (Muslim, Birr 49)

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) consoles believers and states that following the moderate path will be a shield against sins.

Man commits some sins due to being a human but his merciful Lord creates reasons like all kinds of incidents, misfortunes and accidents that distress him to clean his sins. No matter how they take place, they become atonement for a believer’s sins as long as “he tries to find the truth” and he does not tend to bad deeds intentionally.

The importance of good intentions becomes evident here because that is the meaning of trying to find the truth in good deeds.  

The hadith also shows how sensitive the Companions are in the face of sins and how alert and careful they are related to the issues about the hereafter. (Prof. Dr. İbrahim Canan, Kütüb-i Sitte)

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