Will those who cannot marry in this world marry in the hereafter? Is marriage in the world necessary in order to be together in the hereafter?

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My fiancee died in an accident a short while ago. I wonder if I could be together with her in Paradise. Is marriage in the world necessary for this?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Those who cannot marry each other in this world can marry in the hereafter.

Allah Almighty will marry a single believing woman off to a believing man in the hereafter. For, along with eating and drinking, one of the pleasures of Paradise is marriage. A woman should also benefit from this boon.

As it is known, every man in Paradise will be given two wives from the world and several houris based on his degree. On the other hand, there are women and men who die when they are single in the world. Allah Almighty will marry single men in Paradise. 

Besides, the women of Paradise who were married to the men of Hell will be married off to the believing men of Paradise. As it is stated in various hadiths, believing men will marry a woman of Paradise like this along with their own wives. (Ibn Majah, Zuhd: 39)

Will there not be jealousy in Paradise? No, there will be no jealousy because people will be purified from all kinds of bad feelings and they will have only good characteristics. Therefore, neither the women of the world nor houris will be jealous of each other; they will get on very well.

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