Will you give information about being jealous of houris in Paradise and the state of the women who go to Paradise from the world?

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If I do not show consent to my husband’s having another wife or houri other than me in Paradise, will my request be fulfilled?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Since there will be no feelings such as jealousy in Paradise, you will not have such a desire. Besides, a pious woman who is worthy of entering Paradise after passing the world test will be superior to houris. They will serve the people of heavens like slaves or servants. So will ghilmans. Women who go to Paradise from the world will not be in the position of servants; they will be in the position of the man’s wife and will be served. It is necessary to consider Paradise according to the conditions of that place.

The Prophet (pbuh) describes the people of Paradise as follows:

Every man in Paradise has two women. The marrow of the bone in each of their calves is visible through their flesh due to the beauty and elegance of their bodies. There will be no conflict, enmity or jealousy among them. They will glorify Allah in the morning and evening.” (Bukhari, Bad’ul-Khalq, 59; Muslim, Jannah, 14-17)

However, women who believe in the world and join the class of righteous servants are superior to “houris” because they have to fight with their devils on the one hand and their souls on the other hand. They become victorious in that struggle, attain Allah’s consent and deserve to enter Paradise. As for houris, they do not enter Paradise because of their own deeds. Allah created them for the people of Paradise like other blessings. The following hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) confirms it.

Once, Umm Salama asked the Prophet (pbuh)

“O Messenger of Allah! Are the women of the world or houris in Paradise superior?” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

“The superiority of women of the world is like the superiority of the right side of the fabric over the lining.” Umm Salama asked,

“Why?” He answered as follows:

“Because the women in the world pray, fast and perform many deeds of worship.” (Tabarani, al-Mujamul-Kabir, 23/367-h. no.870)

For more information, please click on the link given below;

In the Paradise houris (houri : A nymph in the form of a beautiful virgin supposed to dwell in Paradise for the enjoyment of the faithful) will be given to men. What about the marital status of women in the Hereafter?

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