Have I been subjected to the test of envying houris?

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- Is it not possible for a woman be jealous of her husband’s marrying houris in Paradise?
- How can I overcome this jealousy?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It’s perfectly normal for a woman to be jealous of her husband, and she should do so.

However, life in Paradise is not like life on earth. Since we do not fully understand Paradise, some questions may come to our minds.

However, in Paradise:

1. A person can be in many places at the same time.

2. Every person will be given a place as wide as the world, full of vineyards and palaces.

3. Everything that a person wants will take place, and nothing that he does not want will take place.

4. It is difficult to decide right now. It is not possible for the child in the mother’s womb to understand the world when we describe it; this world is like the mother’s womb compared to Paradise. We cannot understand it.

Therefore, a person who is fed only through the umbilical cord in the womb benefits from many organs such as eyes, ears, mouth and tongue in the world. Similarly, a person who only wants his wife here can also ask for houris as he can be in many places at the same time.

5. Man’s consciousness will be at its peak there. He will want everything consciously.

6. The Quran states that houris will be given to believers in Paradise. If man did not have a feeling of desire, such a blessing would not be given. It means that man will have a will, and Allah will give it.

7. However, we do not know if there will be anyone who does not want houris. It is clear how a child who has no desire to see in the womb wants it in the world.

That may be the answer to your question as well.

We can think like that here. However, it can be understood how unfounded that thought is.

8. Abdullah ibn Abbas states the following: “There is no relationship between the things that exist in the world and the things that exist in Paradise except for the similarity of their names.”

Accordingly, just as the apples in Paradise and the apples in the world are similar only in terms of their names so too will the spouses in Paradise be similar to the spouses in the world only in terms of their names.

An orange made of nylon and a real orange have the same name; likewise, even if the names of the blessings of the world and the blessings of Paradise are the same, they are different in all aspects.

9. The degree of pleasures in an eternal life and in a land of happiness prepared only for friends is above and beyond any description.

The beauties there are expressed as follows in a hadith:

“Things which have never been seen by an eye, or heard by an ear, or imagined by a human being.” (see Bukhari, Bad’ul -Khalq 8; Muslim, Jannah 2)

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