Will Houris be uniform or in different forms in Paradise?

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Will Houris be uniform or in different forms in Paradise?
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(A nymph in the form of a beautiful virgin supposed to dwell in Paradise for the enjoyment of the faithful)

What you state is the general characteristics of Houris. However, every houri has their own special qualities. Just as paradise has ranks, every level has its own houris peculiar to its own. In a hadith, the following is stated: “Even if they wear seventy garments, their bone marrows are still visible” (Bukhari, Bad’u’l-khalq,8; Muslim, Paradise, 14; Tirmidhi, Qiyamah, 60)

Badiüzzaman expounds this fact as follows:

The Hadith points out that however many senses, feeling, powers, and faculties man has which are enamoured of beauty, worship pleasure, are captivated by ornament, and yearn for loveliness, the Houris comprise every sort of adornment and exquisite loveliness, physical and spiritual and immaterial, which will please and satisfy all of them, and gratify and make happy each of them..”

That is to say, since the Houris are of seventy of the varieties of the adornment of Paradise, and not of one sort, as they are clothed in garments which do not conceal one another, they display from their beings and selves and bodies, perhaps more than seventy of the different sorts of its beauty and loveliness. They demonstrate the truth indicated by the verse: “There is everything that their souls desire and eyes enjoy” (Words p.813)

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