Why were there not any women prophets? Why did Allah choose prophets among men?

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Why were there not any women prophets? Why did Allah choose prophets among men?
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- The people who were regarded reliable by people and who had all of the properties of leaders throughout history have been men. Therefore, the people to lead communities might have been chosen among men.

- Prophethood is a lofty position of leadership and guidance. It is necessary to be away from sentimentality, to be shrewd, to act based on reason, to be dignified, etc for prophethood. This is the reason why prophets were chosen among men and civilized people. For, sentimentality is dominant in women and harshness and impatience are dominant in nomadic people. (see Ibn Kathir, Qurtubi, interpretation of verse 12 of Yusuf (12/109))

The translation of the verse related to the issue is as follows: “Nor did We send before thee (as Messengers) any but men, whom We did inspire― (men) living in human habitations.” (Yusuf, 12/109)

- To sum up, it is a known fact that men have been stronger than women and that women are weaker than men throughout history. It is appropriate in terms of this fact that the duty of prophethood, which requires a strong personality, was given to men. (cf Ibn Ashur, the interpretation of the relevant verse)

- Women are heroes of compassion, which shows that their emotional aspect overweighs. However, reason rather than emotion needs to be dominant for prophethood, which is involved with a high level of guidance. People can be ruled only by reason.

It is significant that prophets were chose among men from this point of view too.

- However, the wives of the Prophet (pbuh), especially Hz. Aisha, played an important role in spreading the message of Hz. Muhammad’s prophethood. The role played by Hz. Khadija in eliminating the panic of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) at the night he was given the duty of prophethood cannot be overlooked. It is known that hundreds of thousands of women attained the rank of sainthood in the ummah of Islam. 

So, the reason why prophets were not chosen among women is not that their spiritual level lacks but is that women are not dominant in terms of social relations in humanity.

- Nevertheless, according to some scholars Hz. Maryam, Hz. Musa’s mother, The Pharaoh's wife Asiya and Hz. Hawwa are prophets though the majority of scholars do not accept this view. (Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir, ibid)

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